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Glenwood American Legion Auxiliary poppy symbolizes nation’s sacrifice

Auxiliary members of Curry Ainsworth Post 168 understand the sacrifice our Armed Forces have made to preserve freedom and to honor past and current service members.

Members will wear a red Memorial Poppy, a symbol of the price of war and the sacrifice of millions, as a sign of their appreciation this Memorial Day weekend.

In battlefields of Belgium during World War I, poppies grew wild amid the ravages of war. The overturned soils of battle enabled the poppy seeds to be covered, allowing them to grow and forever serve as a reminder of the bloodshed of war.

The poppy became a symbol of the sacrifice of lives in war and represented the hope that none had died in vain. The American Legion Auxiliary poppy has continued to bloom for the casualties of four wars, its petal of paper bound together for veterans by veterans, reminding Americans each year that the men and women who have served and died for their country deserve to be remembered.


Only some paper petals,
with two leaves of paper, too
only a paper poppy,
does it mean anything to you?

The red is for the courage,
of the men who fought and bled,
And then came back to spend their days,
in the ranks of the living dead.

The green of the leaves reminds me
of the sunny hill sides over the sea,
where rest the war torn bodies
of those who died that war might cease to be.

The cup that is formed by the petals,
covers a heart of gold.
It stands for a labor of love,
whose value can never be told.

Only a paper poppy,
but it holds the hopes and fears,
of numberless men and their loved ones
As they carry on through the years.

Please join the Glenwood City American Legion Auxiliary on May 15, 16 and 17 in recognizing the sacrifice of our veterans by making a donation to the veterans poppy fund and by wearing a red Memorial Poppy this Memorial Day weekend.