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Write-in challenges fail; Mayor re-elected

Last Tuesday, April 1 was the Spring Election and the much anticipated voting for the positions on the Glenwood City Council was completed. 

As of Tuesday evening, a total of 346 votes were cast for the position of Mayor, which went in favor of current incumbent John Larson with 186.

“There have now been two elections in four months.” Mayor John Larson said, “Both elections were one-issue elections, Frac Sand. On each occasion the mayor and pro-frac sand council members were returned to office. The voters of Glenwood City have chosen. They have spoken and showed they are in favor of economic development and lower taxes. It’s time to now move forward.”

“The City Council has considered the many different issues surrounding the frac sand mine. The concerns raised early-on by the school regarding fugitive dust control and traffic congestion have been addressed in the proposed pre-annexation/ developers agreement. The concerns raised early on by Downing regarding well water and property value guarantees have also been addressed in the pre-annexation agreement.”

“New revenues of $100,000 plus annually will go a long way towards downtown redevelopment or perhaps a new library or maybe finally being able to do something with the ‘old’ school property. 40-60 new jobs paying a ‘living wage’ will provide a great boost to our economy. Property values will increase rather than decrease as more people move to the city looking for those jobs,” Mayor Larson concluded.

There were 173 write-in votes submitted as well with the most going to Julian Bender with 167.

“As an educator,” Bender reflected, “I often talk about having learning experiences. My write-in campaign for mayor was a memorable one. Thank you to all of the many supporters and especially to campaign workers who worked the phones and the door-to-door effort.”

On the ballot for Alderperson in Glenwood City were incumbents Nancy Hover and David Graese as well as newcomer, Ken Peterson.

Each of those on the ballot were elected to the City Council. Hover received 192 votes, Graese had 186 and Peterson led the race with 251 votes and six write-ins.

Write- in cadidate Chris Schone received 154 votes. “It was unfortunate that an amount of votes that could have made the run closer were not accounted for due to how things were filled in on the write-in ballot, but I am still very thankful and appreciative of everyone who took the time to come out and vote.”

The Glenwood City School Board also had a change in seats as incumbent Kevin Bonte fell short in the votes against fellow incumbent Jon Mrdutt and newly elected Lisa Kaiser.

Kaiser was previously on the Board until the April 2013 election when Charlotte Obermueller- Stout was elected.

Kaiser will be sworn in on April 28, 2014 and Bonte will step down after serving six years as a Board Member.

As for St. Croix County Supervisor in District 17, current incumbent Brian Hurtgen chose to not run for re-election, which led to the race between Judy Achterhof and David Olson.

The unofficial results had Achterhof as the newly elected with 370 votes compared to Olson’s 265. There were also two write-ins.

District 17 includes the Towns of Cylon, Emerald, Forest and Glenwood as well as the Village of Deer Park and the City of Glenwood City.

The Supervisor in District 19 remained the same; William Peavey received 252 votes over Chad Briggs’ 156. One write-in vote was submitted as well.

District 19 covers the Towns of Cady, Eau Galle and Springfield as well as the Villages of Spring Valley, Wilson and Woodville.

Remaining as St. Croix County are Circuit Court Judges are Eric J. Lundell (Branch 1) and Howard W. Cameron (Branch 4). Both incumbents were the only names on the ballot and each received over 6,000 votes.

GC School Board Results

City of Glenwood City: Jon Mrdutt 223, Kevin Bonte 170, Lisa B. Kaiser 204
Town of Stanton: Jon Mrdutt 8, Kevin Bonte 11, Lisa B. Kaiser 8
Town of Tiffany: Jon Mrdutt 6, Kevin Bonte 5, Lisa B. Kaiser 11
Village of Downing: Jon Mrdutt 25, Kevin Bonte 25, Lisa B. Kaiser 25
Town of Baldwin: Jon Mrdutt 0, Kevin Bonte 0, Lisa B. Kaiser 0
Town of Emerald: Jon Mrdutt 42, Kevin Bonte 38, Lisa B. Kaiser 30
Town of Forest: Jon Mrdutt 20, Kevin Bonte 11, Lisa B. Kaiser 19
Town of Glenwood: Jon Mrdutt 51, Kevin Bonte 51, Lisa B. Kaiser 53
Town of Springfield: Jon Mrdutt 41, Kevin Bonte 43, Lisa B. Kaiser 32
Town of New Haven: Jon Mrdutt 4, Kevin Bonte 2, Lisa B. Kaiser 2
Village of Wilson: Jon Mrdutt 1, Kevin Bonte 2, Lisa B. Kaiser 0
Totals: Jon Mrdutt 421, Kevin Bonte 358, Lisa B. Kaiser 384