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Keep your farming operation records up to date with FSA

In an effort to keep your Farm Service Agency (FSA) records accurate, please report all land changes to our office.  As you buy or sell land, rent new land or drop rented land from your farm operation, report these changes to FSA.


You will need to provide a copy of your deed or recorded land contract for property that you purchased or a signed lease for any newly rented farm.   In addition if you have created or changed an entity (partnership, corporation, LLC) you will need to advise the FSA so that we can update your records reflect your current farming operation.

Failure to maintain accurate records in your farming operation or on all land you have an interest in, can lead to possible program ineligibility and penalties.  Making record changes now will save you time during crop reporting.  Bank account information should be supplied or updated if necessary to ensure that producers receive payments as quickly as possible through direct deposit.  For more information please contact the St. Croix County Farm Service Agency at 715-684-2874, x2.