In Memoriam – Samuel J. Dabruzzi – 4-9-2014

In memory of my dad, Samuel J. Dabruzzi.

I was born in July of sixty
But in April of sixty-three you were gone
Your arms around me I cannot recall
But in my heart they’ve been there all along

It was April the tenth of nineteen sixty-three
When below the surface the USS Thresher went
It was only going to be a test dive
But God said No; to Heaven, these men were sent

As a small child I always thought
About that deep dark water
How could you leave me like this Dad
After all, I am your daughter

You sang in the Navy choir
Wish I could’ve heard your voice
But singing to me just wasn’t meant to be
It really wasn’t your choice

When I look in the mirror and see my eyes
And style my dark hair
I see through my life and in my heart
There are many things we share

I am now a mother and grandmother
I have children of my own
And along with my grandchildren
They will know of you when they are grown

It has now been fifty one years
And I can truly say aloud
You gave your life with honor, Dad
And of you I am so proud

Dear Dad…Samuel J Dabruzzi
With your Naval Rank of ETN2
I just want to say,
P.S. I Love You