Local cemetery receives cash payment over dead trees

GLENWOOD CITY — The City Cemetery at Glenwood City has received a cash settlement with DuPont over the spraying of the cemetery lawn with a DuPont chemical called Imprelis.

From information obtained by this newspaper, the cemetery was treated with Imprelis three years ago and then several of the large pine trees showed signs of dying and a claim was filed for damages.

In all, twenty-two large trees ranging in height from 47 to 71 feet high were identified as being affected by the chemical. Those trees were valued by a Minnesota Tree Company at from $8,000 to $14,000 each.

The Cemetery Association agreed to a settlement with DuPont and in the agreement DuPont will pay to have those trees removed and also pay to have replacement trees purchased. They will also pay to provide new tree maintenance for the replacements and pay to purchase tree care for the remaining 62 other trees on the cemetery property. Plus they will pay the cemetery $41,934.45 in additional compensation.

The total amount of the settlement is $298,597.45.

Other area public identities that have received settlements from DuPont include Glen Hills Golf Club and the Glenwood City School District.