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St. Croix County Spring Election candidates

The 2014 Spring Election will be this April 1 and there are 19 supervisory positions from each District that will be on the ballot. There are also positions up for election on the Circuit Court.

In District 17, which covers the Town of Cylon, Emerald, Forest and Glenwood, the Village of Deer Park and the City of Glenwood City, current Supervisor, Brian A. Hurtgen filed his declaration of non-candidacy.

Running for the position are David Olson of Glenwood City and Judy Achterhof of Emerald.

In District 18, current incumbent, Duane Russett will be running against Shaela Leibfried and Lorraine Lori Thompson, both of Baldwin.

In District 19, current incumbent, William Peavey will run against Chad Briggs of Woodville.

In District 1, Travis J. Schachtner will be running for re-election unopposed.

In District 2, current incumbent Agnes Ring will be running against Tim Bender of Somerset.

In District 3, current incumbent Tim Hood will be running against Christopher Babbitt of Hudson.

In District 4, current incumbent, Daryl Standafer will run against Howard Novotney of Hudson.

In District 5, current incumbent Fred Yoerg will run against Roy A. Sjoberg of Hudson.

In District 6, current incumbent Clarence Buck Malick will run against Nicholas Vanden Heuvel and Stephen Nielsen, both of Hudson.

In District 7, current incumbent Chris Kilber will run unopposed.

In District 8, current incumbent Richard Ottino will run against Scott J. Nelson of Hudson.

In District 9, current incumbent Tom Hawksford filed his declaration of non-candidacy. Running for election as supervisor are Jeanette Kunz of Hudson and Jill Ann Berke of River Falls.

In District 10, current incumbent, Dave Ostness will run against John Yunker of River Falls.

In District 11, current incumbent Roger Larson will run against Bradley A. Perrin of Somerset and Mark A. Struble of Star Prairie.

In District 12, current incumbent Fred Horne filed his declaration of non-candidacy. Running for supervisor will be Joseph M. Brost, Daniel Hansen and Stacy Brevard-Mays, each from New Richmond.

In District 13, current incumbent Ron Kiesler will run against Kristy Teske of New Richmond.

In District 14, current incumbent Andy Brinkman will run unopposed.

In District 16, current incumbent Joe Hurtgen had filed his declaration of non-candidacy. Running for supervisor will be Paulette Anderson and William H. Gary III, both of Hammond.

As for the St. Croix County Circuit Court Judge, current incumbents Eric J. Lundell, Branch 1 and Howard W. Cameron, Branch 4 will be on the April ballot. Both are running unopposed.