Rockpile – 3-19-2014

We’ll look at a few more high average bowlers on some different leagues.

The Wednesday Nite Ladies league finds Cindy Rassbach leading the troops with a 173 average. Lynn Dahl is not too far behind her with a 167. On the Thursday Nite Ladies league, Cari Cassellius is top dog with a 165, with Tracy Lawson right on her heals with a 163. We’ll take a look at the Mixed Doubles top bowlers next week.

We have approximately 50 fellas heading to Milwaukee this coming weekend to participate in the men’s state bowling tournament. Updates will be in next week’s column.

FYI I am going to have a two-night scratch 9-pin tap mini-tournament in April. It will be open to men and women who want to participate. I’ll have sign up sheets and information available next week. Many people have been asking about a scratch tournament for a long time!

Back When

• 1964 Song of the Day: “Saginaw, Mich” – Lefty Frizel

• 1980 Song of the Day: “My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys” – Willie Nelson

• 1845 – The rubber band was patented.

• 1966 – The last Studebaker, the Daytona, was rolled off the assemblyline in Canada. The U.S. plant was already closed.

• 1967 – The comic strip characters Snoop and Charlie Brown were on the cover of “Life” magazine.

• 1999 – NFL owners voted in favor of instituting the instant replay challenge system in the NFL.

March 17 Birthdays

• 1985 – Shemp Howard, one of the Three Stooges

• 1949 – Patrick Duffy – Actor

• 1951 – Kurt Russell

• 1977 – Jessica Standaert (Happy Birthday, Poozie – Love, Dad).

Birdie with a yellow bill, hopped upon my window sill, cocked a shining eye and says: “What’s in your suitcase Junior….samples??”  Bee Boop! (You’ll get it if you’re old enough to have watched.  Hee Haw!!)

Pat & Mike

Pat and Mike have been drinking buddies for years. One day after having a few beers, Mike says to Pat, “we have been friends for many years, and if I should die before you, would you do me a favor? I want you to get a good bottle of Irish whiskey and pour it over my grave.”

Pat replied, “I would be glad to do that for you, old friend. But would you mind if I passed it through my bladder first?”

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Stub and Madonna Reese of Cumberland, Wisc.

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