Glenhaven Happenings – 3-12-2014

Last week the activities included Catholic communion, music by the Heutmaker Band, exercises, manicures by the Hair Company girls, baking club, church with Trinity Lutheran, Resident Council, Ash Wednesday service with Holy Cross, bingo, St. Patrick’s Day arts and crafts, Catholic communion and popcorn and a movie.


 This week on Sunday there was Catholic communion and church with Christ the King Lutheran.  On Tuesday there was church with Holy Cross.  On Wednesday there will be Lenten services with United Methodist church at 10:30 a.m. and at 2:00 p.m. there will be bingo with Holy Cross.  On Thursday there will be Student Council visits by the students of Glenwood City Elementary.  On Saturday there will be music entertainment by Herb Nazer at 2:00 p.m.  Next week on Monday, March 17th the residents will be celebrating St. Patrick’s Day by having trivia, a treasure hunt and other games.  On Tuesday, March 18th there will be church with Forest Immanuel Lutheran at 10:30 a.m.  On Wednesday, March 19th there will be Lenten service with Holy Cross at 10:30 a.m.

Recent visitors: Rowland Johnson was visited by Bill Johnson, Brian Johnson, Anne Vaner, Brenda Johnson, and Whynelda Johnson.  Annella Frank was visited by Marilyn and Nate Olson.  Louise Ullom was visited by Dennis and Vicki Ullom, Elliott Radintz, Bob Miller and Susan Klatt.  Gail Quinn was visited by Lorraine Schouten, Sandy, Dan and Ashley Grant, Jake White and Jackie and Todd Klinger.  Teresa Miller was visited by Bob Miller and Jeanne Van Doorn.  Lloyd Holten was visited by Pam, Vicky and Mark.  Delores Standaert was visited by Loran Standaert, Kate Koosmann, Barb Standaert and Marie Mahoney.  Ray McCarthy was visited by Jeanne Van Doorn.  Erleen Schmidt was visited by Dale and Karetta Horky.  Ida Ohman was visited by Carol Myers and Roger Ohman.  Clara Wickenhauser was visited by Art Jancoski and Bobbie Berends.  Rosella Maes and Jane Smith were visited by Marlene Kerr.

Other visitors: Orv and Louise Jeske.