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Boyceville HS & MS Science Olympiad earn Regional runner-up team awards

MENOMONIE – Boyceville’s High School Science Olympiad team finished as the Science Olympiad West Regional Runner-Up team last Saturday, earning medals in 25 events and scoring 68 points. 

Regional championship gold medals were earned by senior Peter Duerst & senior Clayton Windsor in Astronomy, Duerst &  senior Ian Kane in Mission Possible, Duerst &  senior Danielle Nelson in Technical Problem Solving, Duerst, senior Dylan Windsor, & junior Hannah Jerrie in Code Busters, Kane & freshman Max Engel in Scrambler, and freshmen Kiel Anderson & Michael Chich in Bungee Drop.  Regional runner-up silver medals were earned by sophomores Wyatt Swenson & Luke Timper in MagLev, Jerrie & junior Nolan Windsor in Forensics and Sustainability, Clayton Windsor & Dylan Windsor in Material Science, and Kane & Engel in Boomilever.  Bronze medals were earned by sophomore Brandon Windsor & Clayton Windsor in Invasives, Clayton Windsor & Dylan Windsor in Compound Machines, sophomore Maddy Bygd, Nelson, & Timper in Experimental Design, Engel & Swenson in Bungee Drop, juniors Rachal Anderson, Logan McAbee-Thomas, & Megan Bird in Code Busters, and sophomores Noah Edlin & Abby Lorenz in Boomilever.  Fourth place medals were earned by Duerst & Dylan Windsor in Water Quality, Dylan Windsor & Clayton Windsor in Entomology, Jerrie & Nolan Windsor in Chemistry Lab, Swenson & Timper in Radio Lab, Kane & Engel in Elastic Launch Gliders, Swenson & Engel in Geocaching, juniors Lauren Klassen & Sandra Knorr in Material Science, and Kiel Anderson & sophomore Andrew Marshall in Boomilever.

Boyceville’s Middle School Science Olympiad team also finished as the Science Olympiad West Regional Runner-up team on Saturday, earning medals in 19 events and scoring 84 points.  Regional championship gold medals were earned by freshman Erica Sempf & seventh-grader Mark Timper in Anatomy, Sempf, freshman Tori Kostman, & eighth-grader Jason Swanepoel in Experimental Design, Swanepoel & eighth grader Rian Corr in Rotor Egg Drop, Corr & eighth grader Mariah Drury in Helicopters, and eighth graders Brennan Wheeldon & Emmett Kapsner in Road Scholar.  Regional runner-up silver medals were earned by seventh graders Sarah Kapsner & Mark Timper in Crime Busters and Can’t Judge a Powder, eighth grader Casey Owen & Swanepoel in Simple Machines, Sempf & Kostman in Sounds of Music and Write It, Do It, Owen & Corr in Boomilever, and sixth-graders Emma Bygd & Cade Klefstad in Helicopters.  Bronze medals were earned by Sempf & Kostman in Disease Detectives, Owen & Timper in Meteorology, Emmett Kapsner & Swanepoel in Rocks & Minerals, Emmett Kapsner & Wheeldon in Robo-Cross, Corr & Drury in Wheeled Vehicle, Corr & Swanepoel in Metric Mastery, and sixth-graders Ana Evenson & Tyra Kostman in Helicopters.

“Our middle school and high school students had a great day” said Boyceville Science Olympiad head coach Andy Hamm.  “Many students really stepped up and delivered high finishes in numerous events, and the level of student enthusiasm was outstanding.  I am really proud of all of the hard work and preparation on the part of the students.  We will continue to work hard to prepare for the state tournament and see what happens in Oshkosh and at Stout in April.”

Boyceville would also like to extend a congratulations and thank you to Menomonie High School for hosting the 2014 West Regional Science Olympiad Tournament.  Boyceville Science Olympiad is coached by Andy Hamm and Steve Duerst.

Final Team Results
WI West Regional Tournament
HS Division (Div C)

1. Menomonie Maroon 35
2. Boyceville Varsity-Purple 68
3. Menomonie White 112
4. Shell Lake 137
5. New Richmond A 165
6. Spring Valley 183
7. Menomonie Gold 203
8. Elk Mound A 210
9. Elk Mound B 276
10. Shell Lake B 295
11. Menomonie Black 303
12. Chippewa Falls 304
13. St. Croix Central 309
14. Boyceville JV-Tesla 311
15. Elk Mound D 315
16. Elk Mound C 330
17. Shell Lake C 367
18. Stanley Boyd 403
19. Boyceville JV-Sagan 412
20. New Richmond B 424
21. Glenwood City 462
22. Butternut 476
23. Colfax 511
24. Eleva-Strum 522
25. Boyceville JV-Edison 546
26. Clear Lake 549
27. Menomonie Aqua 586

Final Team Results
WI West Regional Tournament
MS Division (Div B)

1. Menomonie A 58
2. Boyceville Varsity-Purple 84
3. Stanley-Boyd Black 130
4. Spring Valley 149
5. Rice Lake 160
6. Tomah 176
7. Stanley-Boyd Orange 217
8. Menomonie B 238
9. Menomonie – Oaklawn 277
10. New Richmond Black 303
11. New Richmond Orange 328
12. Mosinee 345
13. Elmwood 346
14. Boyceville JV-Blue 346
15. Boyceville JV-Green 354
16. Boyceville JV-Red 363
17. Butternut 391
18. Glenwood City 391