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Lady Bulldogs close out regular season with loss to Colfax and win in Elmwood

By Kelsie Hoitomt

The Lady Bulldogs wrapped up their regular season of basketball with a game last Thursday, February 27 at home against Colfax and then a road game in Elmwood the following night.

The Bulldogs were unsuccessful at beating the undefeated Dunn-St. Croix Conference Vikings as the final score was 46-33.

They turned around and finished things off on a positive note with a win of 44-21 over the Elmwood Raiders on Friday night.

Vikings Reign

The Vikings finished with a perfect 16-0 conference season, which included their win over the Bulldogs last Thursday.

The Vikings held the Bulldogs to four points in the first quarter with April Lake putting the team’s only buckets down.

The Vikings had four shots and three free throws to take a 12-4 lead in the first quarter.

The Bulldogs bounced back in the second with 12 points scored through the help of two triples by Lexi Peterson and a deuce from Cassie Malean, Madysn Riek and Lake.

On the other side, Colfax posted their best quarter as well with 13 points scored, which put the half time score at 25-16.

The Vikings officially took a lead of over ten points after the scoreboard read 36-23 when the third quarter wrapped up.

The Bulldogs held them to a scoreless quarter for the first five minutes until a three point shot was drained with just over minutes left on the clock.

The Bulldogs posted seven points against the Vikings’ 11 by a double from Bird and Riek and a free throw from Malean, Lake and Morgan Kuhn.

The game ended with both teams scoring ten final points in the fourth quarter.

Kuhn drained a three and Riek followed with a long shot for six points. Bird knocked in a double and a free throw and Peterson had a free throw as well to finish the game.

The Bulldogs finished the night with eight doubles, four triples and they were successful with five out of 14 free throws.

Lake, Riek and Peterson each led in points with a total of seven. Lake had three doubles and one free throw. Riek had two doubles and one triple and Peterson had her two triples and one free throw.

Bird followed with five points from two doubles and one free throw. Kuhn had one triple and a free throw. And Malean finished with one double and one free throw.

Win in Elmwood

Boyceville capped off their conference season with a win of 44-21 over the Elmwood Raiders last Friday; the Raiders loss put them at 0-15 in the D-SC.

Surprisingly, the Raiders were actually beating the Bulldogs after the first eight minutes of play as the scoreboard read 11-10 going into the second quarter.

Their lead was short lived after the Bulldogs put up 14 points in the second and held the Raiders to three for a ten point difference of 24-14 going into the half.

The Raiders’ offense continued to perform poorly after the half time break as they scored just seven points in the second half.

The Bulldogs took a dive on their offense after the half as well with five points of their own scored in the third, but they were able to bounce back and seal the victory with 15 posted in the fourth.

Bird helped carry the team to victory with 17 points scored from six doubles, one triple and two free throws.

Lake followed with nine from three doubles and three free throws. Peterson had six from two triples. Kennedy Hellmann put up five from two doubles and one free throw. Malean had three free throws. And Shyanne Marlett and Kuhn each had two from one double.

With the regular season over, the Bulldogs headed into the Regional Tournament with a game at home against the Cadott Hornets on Tuesday, March 3.

The winner of the contest is scheduled to play Colfax, the number one seed, on Friday, March 7. Both games are set to start at 7:00 pm.