Author Katie McKy visits Glenwood City Elementary

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY – The Glenwood City Elementary was visited last Thursday by Katie McKy, an author from Eau Claire.

McKy has four published books: “Wolf Camp”, “It All Began with a Bean”, “Tough Kids/Tough Classrooms” and “Pumpkin Town”.

She brought her book Pumpkin Town to life as several students became “pumpkins” in a crowded patch and the bleachers of kids turned into the town.

Laughter filled the gym as plush pumpkins were tossed around as McKy interacted with not only the students but staff members as well.

Aside from story telling, McKy gave the students instructional information and tips about writing and how to be successful at it.

McKy was a teacher for 23 years and she loved to use stories in her curriculum. It was a principal that told her she should take that talent outside of the classroom and become a writer or professional storyteller.

And that is where the journey began. McKy spent a brief amount of time at Harvard and she worked as a storyteller for Big Sister of Greater Boston, which turned her into an author. Aside from her four books, she also has 12 under contract.