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Toppers beat Bulldogs and Warriors to seal 6 game win streak

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY – The Glenwood City and Boyceville boys’ basketball teams faced off last Thursday for a conference showdown. The Toppers took an early lead and ran away with the win on a 69-45 final.

The Toppers started off the first quarter with a 8-0, then soon a 15-0 lead before the Bulldogs’ Brady Schutts was fouled a second time and scored a bucket.

Four doubles and a triple by Richard Ross, three doubles from Todd Petersen, two from Nick Mrdutt and one by Jake Hierlmeier added up to 23 points scored by the Hilltoppers in the first quarter alone.

Jordan Kuhn drained a three after Schutt’s free throw and then Justin Schulz, Tyler Draeger and Hunter Anderson made a basket to give the Bulldogs nine points for a 23-9 first quarter score.

The Toppers had a keen eye on the basketball and they were able to read where the pass was going, which allowed them to intercept and steal too many times.

Their defense remained strong, but the offense went a bit lax in the second quarter and they scored just 11 points in the second.

Hierlmeier drained a three and then Mrdutt stole the ball and gave it a bounce pass to Kadinger to put the score at 30-14 mid quarter.

The Bulldogs began to get more baskets off in the second as they scored 11 points as well including another three by Kuhn who was starting to heat up.

The Bulldogs steadily increased their scoring into the third with one more point posted for a total of 12.

Kuhn dominated the court with his long shot after draining two more threes from well beyond the arc.

Schutts had three free throws, Schulz had a double and Draeger drained a free throw as well in the third.

The already tense game became more heated in the third quarter as well and more fouls were called, particularly on the Bulldogs’ side.

The Toppers posted 20 points in the third, nine of which were from free throws. Petersen had the most action at the net in the third with four free throws and three doubles.

The fourth quarter started off with Ross attempting a three that bounced off the glass and into the hands of Kadinger who was waiting as back up and tipped the ball in for two.

The Bulldogs answered back with a three pointer by Kuhn, which was his fifth of the night. The next shot was yet another three from the center of the court for his sixth and final one.

The Bulldogs finished the game with 13 points scored in the fourth quarter including eight from Kuhn. Draeger had a double and a free throw and Buddy Hanestad also knocked down a deuce.

The Toppers finished with 15 points posted. Joel Ormson scored the teams last double with 30 seconds left on the clock. Ross then kept the ball in his hand as the buzzer rang.

Petersen was the Toppers leader in points with 21 from eight doubles and five free throws. Ross followed with 18 from his three triples, four doubles and one free throw.

Kadinger finished with 12 from four doubles and he was four for four from the line. Hierlmeier had ten from five free throws, one triple and one double. Mrdutt finished with six from three doubles and Ormson had his one deuce.

As a team the Toppers shot just over 50 percent from the line with 15 free throws made out of 27 attempts.

The Bulldogs were 50 percent from the line with seven of their 14 attempts made.

It was Kuhn who led the team and the game in points with 22 after he drained those six triples and had two doubles.

Schutts followed with eight from two doubles and four free throws. Draeger and Schulz each had six; Draeger had two doubles and two free throws and Schulz had three doubles.

Hanestad finished with his one double and Anderson had one free three.

The Bulldogs played Tuesday (Feb. 18) in Mondovi and they will be home this Friday to host Elk Mound. They will then play their first Regional game next Tuesday night against Eau Claire Regis with each contest starting at 7:30 p.m.

Toppers over CL 

The Toppers had one final game last week, which was a double-header with the girls’ team against Clear Lake.

The Toppers won their six straight game after beating the Warriors 69-46 in the non-conference contest.

The Toppers came out strong on offense in the first half with 18 points scored in the first quarter and an additional 21 in the second for a 39-23 half time score.

They sealed a solid lead in the third quarter after the defense allowed the Warriors to score just eight points while the Toppers racked up an extra 20 points to their score.

The scoreboard read 59-31 going into the final eight minutes of play. The Warriors outscored the Toppers 15-10 in the fourth to put the final at 69-46.

Petersen again played a strong game on offense with 18 points posted. Following him was Ross with 15, Mrdutt had 11, Kadinger and Wallace had 10, Norenberg had three and Nick Schone and Joel Ormson each had two.

The Toppers were back on the court Tuesday (Feb. 18) for a game at home against Elmwood. They will play their final regular season game this Friday night at St. Croix Central.

The Toppers are scheduled to play in Colfax for the first round of Regionals on Tuesday, February 25 with the contest against the Vikings starting at 7:30 p.m.