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Lady Toppers post three straight wins

By Kelsie Hoitomt

The Lady Hilltoppers sent the Elmwood Raiders packing after beating them 61-38 Tuesday, February 11. They were back on the court Friday for a Valentine’s Day game against St. Croix Central which they also won, 45-32.

The Toppers had a double header with the boys’ team on Saturday against Clear Lake, which was a make-up game after weather closed school. They went 3-0 on the week after beating the Warriors 61-20.

Win over Raiders

Elmwood walked out the door with a 0-10 record after losing yet another conference game, this time to the Hilltoppers in the 61-38 final.

The Toppers jumped out to a 6-0 lead after Morgan Kadinger got the ball rolling with a lay up off the right side of the glass.

The Toppers had a lead of 17-2 at one point in the first quarter, but the Raiders shot another double and a three to put the score at 19-7 after the opening eight minutes.

The Raiders were hot on their three point shots throughout the entire game, including two more in the second quarter, which gave the Toppers a slight run for their money.

The Toppers posted 13 points in the second, seven of which were from Jen Kopacz who was on fire the entire game. She drained two doubles and a trey. Rachel Klatt and Maya Petersen also knocked down two doubles.

After the break, the Toppers made a few adjustments to their defense and they held the Raiders off from scoring over ten points.

It was a total team effort in the third quarter for the Lady Toppers as they posted seven doubles; two from Kadinger and Kopacz and one from Megan Samens, Klatt and Kristie Knops who also had two free throws.

To end the game, the Toppers had four free throws, three doubles and a triple for 13 points. The Raiders had ten points in the third and then they finished with seven in the fourth.

It was a quick game due to a lack of fouls. The Toppers had 15 attempts at the line and the Raiders finished with seven.

Kopacz led the game with 22 points scored from six doubles, three triples and one free throw. Kadinger followed with 11 from five doubles and one free throw.

Petersen and Klatt each had eight points from four doubles. Knops had six from one double and four free throws. Samens finished with two doubles and Kayla Bloss had one.

Get the W in SCC

The Toppers allowed the Panthers to score just three points in the first quarter of the game while they posted 11 of their own from five doubles and one free throw.

The Toppers were consistent on their offense and posted an additional 11 points in the second with the help of the games first three point baskets from Kadinger and Kopacz.

On the other side, the Panthers amped up their shooting a bit with nine points posted for a 22-12 score going into the half time break.

Kuehndorf knocked down a double followed by a triple and a free throw and Kopacz had a double and two free throws, which put ten points on the board for the Toppers in the third quarter.

The Panthers came out of the locker room and scored nine more points for a 32-21 lead going into the final quarter.

The Toppers coasted smoothly through the final eight minutes and sealed their victory after they scored 13 points against the Panthers 11 with five doubles and three free throws made.

Kuehndorf was the points leader for the Toppers with 15 posted from five doubles, two free throws and one triple. Kadinger followed with 12 from three doubles, three free throws and one triple.

Kopcaz finished with 11 from three doubles, two free throws and one triple. Samens had two doubles, Klatt had one double and Knops had one free throw.

As a team, the Toppers shot 40 percent from the line with eight free throws made out of 20.

Win at Home

After two triples, four doubles and two free throws, the Hilltoppers were up by 11 points against the Clear Lake Warriors in the first quarter as the scoreboard read 16-5.

The basketball was all over the court in the second quarter with seven different sets of hands from the Hilltoppers’ roster making shots for 17 points from six doubles, two free throws and one triple.

The Toppers completely ran over the Warriors in the first half of the game, which put the score at 33-9 going into the locker room after they scored just four points in the second.

The was no backing down out of the break. The Toppers came out and posted 16 additional points against the Warriors’ eight from a 49-17 score going into the final quarter.

Kayla Hanson drained two doubles and a triple, Bloss had two free throws and Mikaela Voeltz had a double and free throw for the Toppers final 12 points of the game.

The Warriors ended the game with just three points scored to put the final score at 61-20.

Klatt dominated the court for the Toppers with 16 points posted from seven doubles and two free throws.

Kadinger followed with eight, Hanson and Kuehndorf had seven, Kopacz and Petersen had five, Bloss and Knops had four, Voeltz had three and Samens had two.

As a team the Topper shot 20 deuces, four treys and nine free throws. The Warriors finished with six doubles, one trey and five free throws.

The Toppers were scheduled to play Mondovi at home on Monday, but due to the snow, the game was cancelled and rescheduled for Saturday, February 22.

Next on the schedule for the Toppers is a game in Spring Valley this Thursday (Feb. 20). They will turn around and play again on Friday at home against Plum City.