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Lady Bulldogs beat Cardinals; go 0-2 to Buffaloes and Mounders

By Kelsie Hoitomt

The Lady Bulldogs started their four game stretch in Mondovi last Tuesday, February 11. They were back on the road Thursday for a game in Spring Valley and then at home Friday to host Elk Mound.

They wrapped up a long week of conference play with a non-conference game in Cameron, which was rescheduled from the beginning of January.

Mondovi Wins

The Bulldogs faced off against the number two ranked team in the conference, the Mondovi Buffaloes and lost 48-33.

The Buffaloes jumped out to an early lead against the Bulldogs after they scored 14 points against their four in the first quarter.

The second quarter performance on both sides of the court was quite lackluster with a total of nine points scored between the teams. The Bulldogs’ five over the Buffalo’s four put the half time score at 20-9.

The Bulldogs struggled to recover any type of a lead after the Buffalo’s amped up their score by an additional 15 points in the third quarter. Going into the final eight minutes, the Bulldogs were down 35-18.

The Lady Bulldogs had their best offensive game in the fourth quarter with 15 points scored. They held the Buffaloes to 13 points, but that wasn’t enough to keep them from winning.

Bird led the team in points scored with nine from three doubles and three free throws. Following her was Alexa Peterson and Shyanne Marlett each with seven; Peterson had two doubles and a triple and Marlett had three doubles and one free throw.

April Lake and Cassie Malean each finished with four points from two doubles and Madysn Riek had one double.

Ten point loss for SV

The Lady Bulldogs beat the Spring Valley Cardinals by ten points in a 55-45 final last Thursday night.

The game started off with a ten point difference in the first quarter with the Bulldogs up 14-4 after Bird dominated the court and posted 12 points. Lake went two for two at the free throw line as well.

The Bulldogs carried their momentum into the second quarter with 17 points scored against the Cardinals’ 14 for a 31-18 half time score.

The Cardinals needed 16 points to catch up to the Bulldogs after the third quarter. The Bulldogs scored 14 in the third against the Cardinals 11 to increase their deficit.

With the score at 45-29 going into the fourth, the Bulldogs sealed their victory with ten additional points from eight free throws across the roster and then a double by Kennedy Hellmann.

Bird led the game with 17 points from six doubles, one triple and two free throws. Malean followed with 13 from eight free throws, one double and one triple.

Hellmann finished with nine points from three doubles and one triple. Peterson had six from three doubles, Lake had five free throws and Riek and Marlett each had a double.

Close loss to Mounders

The Lady Bulldogs took another one to the chin against Elk Mound last Friday night by a one point loss of 36-35. Earlier this season the Mounders won by a short three points.

The Bulldogs started out on top, leading by three points with the score at 10-7 as the first quarter came to an end.

Bird helped get the team on the board after she drained two triples and a double. Malean also had a double in the first.

Their lead over the Mounders continued in the second quarter after Peterson dropped in two treys, Bird had a trey and a free throw and Hellmann also sunk a basket for 11 points.

The Mounders posted eight points before the half to put the score at 21-15 going into the break.

Out of the break, the Mounders went on a seven point run which tied the game at 22-22.

Peterson quickly answered back with a three pointer and then two free throws were scored for a total of 27 points on the Bulldogs’ side after the third.

The Mounders scored 11 points in the third to put them behind by just one point going into the final eight minutes.

After two doubles, a free throw and nearly five minutes off the clock, the Mounders took a two point lead of 32-30 with 3:45 left on the clock.

The Bulldogs went three minutes without scoring until 40 seconds were left on the clock and Peterson drained her fourth triple of the game to put the team down by a point, 34-33.

Elizabeth Fastender was fouled with 24 seconds to go and she drained both her buckets, which put the Bulldogs down by three.

In a last chance effort, Bird drove the ball to the hoop, took a hit and still scored for two points as the buzzer rang and ended the game with the Bulldogs losing by one.

Bird finished the game as the points leader with 14 from three triples, two doubles and one free throw. Peterson followed with 12 from her four triples.

Malean had one double and two free throws for four points, Lake had one double and one free throw for three and Marlett and Hellmann each had a free throw.

Turnovers plagued the Bulldog team throughout the entire game, which put the ball in the hands of the Mounders one too many times. They finished with a total of 26 turnovers and then ten steals.

Road Loss in Cameron

Despite the snowy conditions Monday, the Bulldogs made the trek to Cameron to play the Comets who are currently undefeated in their Lakeland-Central Conference.

The Bulldogs trailed by just three points in the first quarter with the score at 10-7. However, a lack of shooting in the second quarter quickly changed the score deficit to 13 points after the Bulldogs posted four compared to the Comets 14.

The Bulldogs had their best performance out of the half time break and they outscored the Comets by three after shooting 16 points against their 13.

The Bulldogs trailed by ten points going into the fourth quarter, but the Comets blew up the court in the fourth with 19 additional points scored against Boyceville’s 12, which sealed the victory.

Peterson led the game in points with 16. Lake followed with eight, Malean had five, Riek had four and Bird and Kuhn each finished with three.

Next on the schedule, the Bulldogs have back to back road games with Thursday’s (Feb. 20) in Plum City and Friday’s in Elmwood. They will be home to host Ladysmith on Monday, February 24.