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No agreement made yet between Vista Sand and Glenwood Schools

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY – During the Board of Education meeting in Glenwood City on Monday evening, the Building, Grounds and Transportation committee shed some light on their current standing with the proposed sand mine.

Committee member, Lori Klinger, shared that currently the school district does not have a working MOU (Memorandum of Understanding) with Vista Sand.

“The MOU that was sent out to the district’s lawyer is in negotiation with Vista Sand still and the school has not heard what is going on,” said Klinger. “It’s still in the works and we are waiting to hear from Mr. Squires (school’s lawyer).”

This means that the school district still has yet to come to an agreement with Vista Sand as their current proposals haven’t been approved by the sand mining company.

In other news, the school district has over $100,000 from the flow through account that needs to be spent on special education. Because of this, the Board approved posting positions of hire in the special education area.

The proposal seemed fairly limitless as to what positions will be hired and when. The hiring may be done during this current school year and into next year as well.

Other items approved included the first readings for policies 731.2-731.4, which covers Video Surveillance, Identification Badges and Locking of Doors.

In terms of school security, the Board is still in discussion on this. The cost for a security system, phone system, intercom system and clock system is estimated to be around $150,000-$175,000, but bids from vendors are still being looked at and will be brought forth at a later meeting.

Other items the Board approved included not limiting the open enrollment “in” number.

The Board approved the resignation of Matthew Schutz as head softball coach and he was approved to be the assistant coach instead.

The Board approved Joelle Miller as a band substitute teacher, Nicole Johnson as a volunteer cheerleading coach and Shane Strong as a middle school track coach.

The Board approved an overnight stay for the girls’ and boys’ basketball teams on February 8. Herdsman Feeds and Kadinger’s Auto Salvage were approved to cover the cost of hotel accommodations for this day.

Lastly, the Board approved a $250 award for the efforts of the Movin’ and Munchin’ Schools initiative. Also a $500 donation from WI Farm Technology Days on behalf of the work that Sherry Crosby did as Tent Coordinator.