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Bulldogs 0-2 on the court over the past week

By Kelsie Hoitomt

BOYCEVILLE – The Boyceville boys’ basketball team lost 57-50 in a non-conference contest against Cadott last Tuesday night, January 21. They were back on the court Friday night with a road trip to Colfax where they lost 57-37.

Loss at Home

Despite the seven point loss, the Bulldogs had quite the rally after being down 20-7 at one point in the first half of the game.

The Hornets were up 18-7 in the first quarter after they banked three triples to get them going.

The Bulldogs were on the board after Jordan Kuhn drained a trey and then Brady Schutts had a double and Justin Schulz and Tyler Draeger each had a freethrow.

The Hornets’ shooting performance diminished some in the second quarter as they only posted 11 points against the Bulldogs’ nine.

Draeger continued to play an aggressive game under the net for the Bulldogs, which allowed him to put up three doubles before the half.

Schulz added two freethrows and Schutts drained one as well to account for the team’s points, which put the score at 29-16 going into the break.

The Bulldogs’ rally came into effect in the third quarter after they put up 20 points against the Hornets with the help of two treys by Kuhn and three doubles from Schutts.

The defense ran more effective full and half-court traps in the third quarter as well, which caused the Hornets to turn the ball over so the Bulldogs could shoot.

Their 20 points against Cadott’s 14 was enough to tighten the gap in the score to less than a ten point deficit with the score at 43-36.

It was in the final eight minutes that the Bulldogs really showed their perseverance and determination as they brought the game to within one point of tying as the score was 50-49.

Kuhn let the ball fly for two more triples, Sam Hellmann and Draeger each had a double and Schutts, Schulz, Draeger and Jake McIntrye each made a freethrow shot for the team’s 14 points in the fourth.

“The boys showed a lot of heart to battle back. Several times in the fourth quarter we gave ourselves the opportunity, but we just couldn’t get over the hump,” explained coach Jay Lagerstrom.

Kuhn led the team in points scored with 15 from his five three-point baskets. Following him was Draeger with 12 from five doubles and two freethrows.

Schutts collected ten points from four doubles and two freethrows. Schulz had eight from one double and he was six for ten at the line. McIntyre had three points from one double and a freethrow and Hellmann had one double.

Road loss

The contest against the Colfax Vikings was fairly close throughout the first half, especially in the first quarter as the Bulldogs only trailed by three points, 11-8.

The Bulldogs were on the board after Schutts and McIntyre each had a double and then Draeger and Schulz posted two freethrows each.

The Vikings took a 15 point lead in the second quarter after they had their best offensive performance with 17 points scored.

On the other side, the Bulldogs scored just five points from three baskets including a trey from McIntyre and two freethrows again from Schulz.

Coming out of the halftime break, the Bulldogs again had a surge of momentum in their play, which led to their two best quarters of the game.

They posted 12 points in the third and fourth quarters, however the Vikings followed up with 15 points of their own in the third and 14 in the fourth.

The Bulldogs were more active with their three-point shots in the second half of the game. Kuhn knocked in his first one in the third and McIntyre drained his second. It was then Hunter Anderson who had two treys in the fourth to help the team out as well.

The third quarter ended with the Vikings ahead 43-25 and then the buzzer rang to end the game with the score at 57-37.

Schutts was the points leader this time around with nine from four doubles and a freethrow. Right behind him was McIntyre with eight from two treys and a double.

Anderson and Kuhn followed with six points each; Kuhn had one freethrow, one double and one triple and Anderson had two treys.

Schulz and Draeger finished with four points with four freethrows coming from both of them.

Weather permitting, the boys’ basketball team will be back on the court this Thursday (Jan. 30) with a game at home against Spring Valley. They will then be on the road to play Elmwood on Tuesday, February 4; both contests will start at 7:30 p.m.