Proposal from Vista Sand now in City’s hands

GLENWOOD CITY — During his report to the city council at the January 13th meeting Mayor John Larson told members of the council that he had received a proposal from Vista Sand. “I just got it,” he told the council and continued by saying, “we will take no action tonight and will not discuss it.”

Larson handed a copy of the proposal to each of the members of the council and asked them to review it at their leisure. “We will meet and talk about it at a future meeting.” He noted that the proposal had sample ordinances and noted that the members should look those over. “I am sure we will have a lot of questions,” Larson concluded.

The mayor then asked attorney Anders Helquist, who represents Vista Sands, if he would like to say something about Vista Sands with the mayor noting that Helquist has been regularly attending council meeting since the first meeting on the sand mine was held.

Helquist stated that the proposal follows what he discussed with the council back in November. But on another matter Helquist said, “R. J. Sikes (the CEO of Vista Sand) is making a no strings attached good faith offer to the city. He is offering $3,000 to the city to help cover some of the legal cost the city has encountered.” He continued, “it’s a good faith offer whether we come to an agreement or not.”

Other City Business

Kevin Oium of Cedar Corporation made a short report to the council on three items. First was that the final payment on the Street improvements made last year on Elm, Third and Limberg Court was due. The council later approved borrowing $130,000 from Hiawatha National Bank at 3.25 percent to finish paying for the $350,000 project.

Oium also updated the council on the grant application for the Safe Route to School program and he spoke on the Local Road Improvement grants.

Doug Doornink, director of Public Works discussed the city’s road equipment and the need for new tires on a loader and the work his department did to help keep one homeowner’s water line from freezing.


Council member Nancy Hover gave the monthly report on the local library. It was noted that the Holiday Open house had a great turn out in spite of the cold weather. They entertained some 92 adults and 101 children at the event on December 7th.

The library will be offering new databases to their patrons in the coming year. “Freading” will be an additional e-book lender and “Freegal” will allow patrons to download three songs per week and own them and share them as they wish. It was also noted that the library received an anonymous donation of $500.

The council approved operator’s license to Jacob D. Gechas, Alexander K. Lindstrom and Tia G. Schleusner.

And, finally they scheduled a Committee of the Whole meeting for January 27 at 6:30 p.m.