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Lady Toppers victorious at home over Mounders

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY — It was a game that came down to the last minute with the Lady Toppers scoring the final points to be victorious over the Elk Mound Mounders in a 55-52 final last Friday, January 17.

The Toppers had a decent lead in the first quarter with the score at 12-4 after Kristie Knops, Jen Kopacz, Rachel Klatt and Maya Petersen each knocked down shots.

The game changed in the second quarter however after turnovers on the Hilltoppers’ side caused the Mounders to tie the game at 22 after they posted 19 points.

The Toppers themselves had 13 points, which was enough for a two-point lead of 25-23 at the half. Kopacz and Moriah Kuehndorf posted the team’s first three-pointers of the game as well to keep the Toppers alive.

The game continued to be a battle in the second half with the Toppers scoring 14 points and the Mounders 13 in the third quarter.

With the Toppers still ahead by a slight lead of 39-36, the game got real exciting in the fourth quarter after the Mounders jumped out ahead 50-47.

There was a minute left in the game and a shot by Petersen closed the gap to 50-49. Then it was Megan Samens who got her hands on the ball and with a quick jump shot the Toppers took the lead of 51-50.

However, the Mounders answered back rather fast and they jumped ahead by two points once again so a time-out was called.

The Toppers got the ball after the time-out and their chances at winning almost faded after a pass was deflected by a Mounder. Luckily, the ball rolled into the hands of Kopacz and she tossed it to Petersen who was standing under the net for the shot.

There were 14 seconds left on the clock after that basket and the Mounders had the ball in their hands and were trailing by one, 53-52.

Elk Mound attempted a shot, but to the Toppers’ fortune, the ball missed the hoop and eventually rolled out of bounds.

The ball was given to the Hilltoppers after another time-out was called and with two seconds left a foul was called which put Morgan Kadinger on the line.

The clock was sitting at one second when Kadinger sunk both shots to push the Toppers ahead 55-52. The game ended with the ball back in the Toppers hands after the Mounders threw up a bad pass on their final second.

On the scoreboard, it was Klatt who led the game in points with 16 after her impressive game from under the net. She knocked down seven doubles and was two for three at the free-throw line.

Following her was Petersen with 13 points from six doubles and she went one for one at the foul line.

Behind them was Kopacz with ten points from three doubles, one triple and one freethrow. Samens had eight from three doubles and two freethrows. Kuehndorf had one triple, Kadinger had three freethrows and Knops finished with one double.

The Lady Toppers will be back on the court this Thursday (Jan. 23) for a home game against Plum City.

They will also play this Saturday (Jan. 25) on the road against Mondovi, which is a makeup game from January 14.

And finally, they will participate in a double-header with the boys’ basketball team on Monday, January 27 with a game against Clear Lake; all games will be at 7:30 p.m.