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Board receives retirement notice from Emholtz

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY — In the executive session held during the Board of Education meeting last Monday, Superintendent Tim Emholtz gave his notice of retirement and contract termination to the Board.

Once the session reconvened into the open meeting, a motion was made by Charlotte Heimer-Stout and seconded by Kevin Bonte to accept and approve the notice of retirement and contract termination from Emholtz, effective July 1, 2014. The motion was approved unanimously.

It was then approved unanimously by the Board to offer the position of Superintendent of the School District of Glenwood City to Tim Johnson, current High School/Middle School Principal.

In the regular board meeting, the Board received a large check worth $5,632.22 from Robert Heise, Resource Management Administrator in St. Croix County.

The money was raised during the Terror in the Glen trail run that took place at the Glen Hills County Park last October.

There were 180 participants including some from as far as Milwaukee and Chicago and over ten sponsors that helped make the event successful.

The money raised will go towards the academic and scholarship program; the Topper Partnership Foundation.

The 2014 trail run date has already been set, which will be Saturday, October 18.

The Elementary also received two donations totaling $750. Elementary Principal Betsy Haltinner suggested using the money to start a student wellness committee since there is already a staff committee.

In terms of money, Emholtz also discussed the budget. Currently the 2013-14 budget is right on target. With that said, the Dupont settlement money has not been counted into the revenue yet since that is still in the process.

As for the preliminary update on the 2014-15 budget, Emholtz seemed comfortable with how things were shaping up.

“We have the budget space for an additional hire. In the budget we have accounted for consumer price index for employees and reasonable insurance,” said Emholtz. “However open enrollment is a nightmare right now with current transfers happening.”

“The bottom line is that the 14-15 budget still looks pretty solid, which is why there is a teacher recommendation. This is also the first year that the three-year enrollment average is larger than the year before,” Emholtz explained.

The recommendation for one full-time employee was discussed and approved by the Board with the position of hire being someone qualified to teach grades 1-8.

The Board also discussed the cost of what a complete, top of the line security system would cost that included doors, speakers, cameras, telephones etc. The cost at a ball park with telephones would be around $170,000 and without would be around $120,000.

In other business, the Board discussed the current elementary building budget and the need for more money in that.

“Betsy is doing things that justify the need for more money,” said Emholtz.

Haltinner is looking to get more iPads for the elementary and appropriate apps for them that can be used by the students with a learning purpose.

The Board agreed with the idea of having more learning center concepts, which led to their approval of transferring $7,900 into the elementary building budget.

Other items approved by the Board included revisions to the support staff and professional staff  handbooks under the Emergency School Closures section.

The Board also approved Judy Achterhof as the delegate for WASB and she was granted discretion to vote as debate may dictate.

The Board approved a $625 donation from Ormson’s SuperValu, as well as a $20,000 anonymous donation as a matching contribution from the online auction.

Merlyn Aude was approved as a substitute music instructor. And a maternity and paternity leave for two teachers was approved.

Open enrollment exception applications of two 10th grade students and one 11th grade student were approved as well as a Kindergarten and a first grade student. A tuition waiver for a 7th grade student was approved.

Lastly, the individual extra-curricular contracts for 2014-14 as presented by administration were approved.