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No contests for City election

GLENWOOD CITY — Nomination papers have been filed at City Hall for the April General Election for city offices. There will be no contest as just the number of filings is for the three open seats on the council plus the mayor’s seat.

For Glenwood City Mayor, incumbent John Larson was the only person to file papers for that office. Larson just won the recall election last month.

Filing for the three open seats on the council are David Graese, Nancy Hover and Ken Peterson. Graese and Hover are the incumbents and they won the last month’s recall election. Incumbent council member Scott Schone did not file nomination papers.

Peterson was the unsuccessful candidate for mayor in the December recall election. All these offices are for a two-year term. The other three members of the city council whose seats will be up for election in 2015 are Crystal Booth, Ben DeGross and Terry Klinger.