Boyceville takes two to the chin over the week in basketball

By Kelsie Hoitomt

BOYCEVILLE – The Boyceville boys’ basketball team lost 60-37 to the number two team in the conference, the Mondovi Buffaloes, last Friday night while at home.

They were back at home to host the Turtle Lake Lakers on Monday night, which ended in another loss for the team with a 74-56 final.

Loss to Buffaloes

The Bulldogs’ biggest struggle was getting the ball to the hoop on the offense; considering a handful of their top scoring players only put down roughly three baskets.

Jordan Kuhn stepped up his performance and helped score nearly half the points for the team. He was hot from every angle of the court as he drained two treys and a double in the first quarter.

Jake McIntyre followed with an inside shot as well to give the Bulldog’s their first ten points of the game. The Buffaloes posted eight more points to take a 18-10 lead going into the second.

Both teams played their worst quarter in the second with seven points from the Bulldogs and nine from the Buffaloes for a 27-17 half-time score.

The Bulldogs up’d their game by three points in the third quarter with ten points scored on another trey and two free-throws by Kuhn, one trey from Justin Schulz and a double by Brady Schutts.

The Buffaloes followed up with 16 of their own points to increase their lead to 43-27 going into the final minutes of the contest.

In the fourth quarter, Mondovi finished with 17 points and the Bulldogs remained consistent on offense with an additional ten points posted.

Schutts had his first trey of the game, Kuhn had a double and a free throw, Schulz had a double as well and Tyler Draeger finished with two freethrows to end the game at 60-37.

Kuhn finished with 16 offensive points for the team high with three triples, three free-throws and two doubles.

Schutts followed with seven points from two freethrows, one trey and one double. Schulz and McIntyre each had five points and Draeger had four.

Lakers take win

This was the third highest scoring game the Lakers have played this season and due to a huge first quarter with 25 points scored, they ran away with the win.

The Bulldogs posted 12 points from two threes and a double from Kuhn and McIntyre followed with two doubles as well which put the first quarter score at 25-12.

Both teams posted 16 points in the second quarter, but that only surged the Lakers ahead to a 41-28 lead going into the half.

The Bulldogs continued to let the ball fly from outside the arc with a triple from Kuhn again and another from Draeger.

Despite playing decent quarters in the second half with 15 points in the third and 13 in the fourth, the Bulldogs were not able to catch up to the Lakers.

The third quarter score was 59-43 and then the final at the buzzer was 74-56.

The Bulldogs drained six three-point baskets, which is one of the highest amounts so far this season.

Kuhn led the game with 16 points from four triples and two doubles. Following him was McIntyre with 12 points from four doubles, one triple and one free throw.

Schutts had nine points from five freethrows and two doubles. Schulz had eight points from four doubles. Boda and Sam Hellmann had four points from two doubles each. And Draeger had three points from his one triple.

The Bulldogs will be back in action this Thursday night (Jan. 16) with a road game in Elk Mound. They will be on the road again to Plum City for an afternoon game on Saturday (Jan. 18) at 2:30 p.m.