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Topper boys win first game of the season in Prairie Farm

By Kelsie Hoitomt

PRAIRIE FARM – The Glenwood City boys’ basketball team was victorious for the first time this season while playing against the Prairie Farm Panthers last Thursday night, January 2.

They were on the road again Saturday (Jan. 4) for a conference game against the Mondovi Buffaloes, which did not end in their favor.

Win in PF 

After a strong first half performance, the boy’s team won their first game of the season with a 59-50 final over the Panthers.

The Toppers took a four point lead in the first quarter of 16-12. It was a team effort with Nick Mrdutt, Kip Wallace, Richard Ross, Marcus Kadinger and Todd Petersen each scoring two-point baskets. Kadinger and Petersen followed with treys as well.

Their reign on offense continued into the second quarter with 19 points scored compared to the Panther’s eight, which gave the Toppers enough leeway on the score board.

Kadinger scored seven of the 19 points and Petersen tossed up another triple to cover half of the team’s points scored in the quarter.

Ross added two doubles and Wallace and Mrdutt had shots from inside the arc as well to aid in the Topper’s 35-20 half-time score.

The Panthers closed the score gap by a few points in the third quarter after they posted 17 points against the Hilltopper’s nine; seven of which were from free-throws.

In the fourth quarter, the Toppers kicked it into gear just enough to get the win after they scored 15 points and allowed the Panthers 13 of their own.

Mrdutt put six points on the board for the team with two doubles and two free-throws in the final quarter. Kadinger added four points, Wallace had three and Ross had a basket as well.

It was Kadinger that finished with the team high in points with 19 from one trey, six doubles and four free-throws. Mrdutt followed with 12 points from five doubles and two free-throws.

Ross had ten points from five doubles, Petersen had eight points from two treys and one double, Wallace also had eight points from three doubles and two free-throws and Billy Norenberg finished with two points from a double.

Loss to Mondovi

The Hilltoppers haven’t won a conference game over the Buffaloes since the 2010-11 season and that outcome continued after they lost 61-47 last Saturday.

With 15 people on their roster, the Buffaloes came out strong on their home court with a big first quarter performance of 20 points scored against the Topper’s ten.

The Toppers’ offense slipped in the second quarter and they posted eight points; three doubles from Mrdutt alone and one from Wallace.

The Buffaloes followed up with 14 points to put the half-time score at 34-18.

Out of the locker room, the Toppers were ready to play, which led to their best performance of the game in the third quarter with 18 points scored.

Kadinger led the quarter in points with six from three doubles. Then it was Ross and Mrdutt with four, Joel Ormson had three and Petersen drained a free throw, which made for the only quarter the Toppers outscored the Buffaloes.

The Toppers were trailing the Buffaloes by ten points going into the fourth quarter with the score at 46-36.

They only scored two points less then Buffaloes in the quarter, but they needed an offensive power surge to win and that just didn’t work out in their favor.

The Toppers finished the game with 11 points scored in the fourth, including the team’s first three-point shot of the night that came from Wallace.

It was Mrdutt that ended the night with the high in points for the Toppers. He had eight doubles and was four for four at the free-throw line for a total of 20 points.

Kadinger posted eight points from four doubles. Wallace had seven from one triple, one double and two free-throws. Ross had six points from three doubles. Petersen and Ormson both finished with three points from one free-throw and one double.

On the schedule, Tuesday night’s game in Boyceville was cancelled due to school closings. They will be back on the road this Friday night for a game in Elmwood starting at 7:30 p.m.