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School boad member comments about election results irates local citizens

The Tribune Press Reporter fielded a couple of telephone calls from local citizens asking this newspaper to print comments made by Glenwood City School Board member Charlotte Obermueller Heimer on her social media account following the City’s Recall Election of December 17th.

Heimer has been an outspoken opponent of the city council members and of the proposed sand mine. Apparently after her candidates failed to win at that recall election Heimer posted a comment that drew criticism from several local citizens.

Heimer posted this comment after the election results were made public. “Within 2-3 votes for two seats…So (expletive deleted) wrong. I hope Karma sucks the dirty greedy parties right to hell.” Her positing continued, “tell the devil I said hi when you go back to where your from…

One of the calls to the Tribune Press Reporter office was from Ryan Luepke who stated, “that was not appropriate for someone in that office to be saying that.”

At 2:58 a.m. Wednesday morning Heimer posted an answer to a comment about starting a “turf war”. She wrote, “I’m not spewing hate and bitterness!!! People don’t know the facts! Vista isn’t working with the school, the ordinance committee didn’t work with the school, Lies were told by council members! Illegal meeting held! This mine negotiation has been going on a very long time without public notice…Info casually left out of meeting minutes or behind closed doors. It’s not opinion it’s fact. He may have half the town fooled, But money and greed change people…you just watch it unfold…As for my school board seat…this opinion is MINE and I’m allowed to have that!! As far as I know the board has made no public statement! School board has nothing to do with it…As for as my anger…Yes those who are sacrificing our town…Our neighbors and lying to get there make me sick! It’s been a turf war for two years!!! A few folks will get rich here.

According to City Clerk/Treasurer Sharon Rosenow, the only time that the city council has met with Vista Sand was on September 16th. However, their attorney Anders Helquist has been attending many of the city council meetings over the past months.  At the November 13th meeting Helquist addressed the council and spoke about how Vista Sand would work with the city and of their concern for community protection. He informed the council that they would be installing two “air quality” environmental stations.

School district Administrator Tim Emholtz addressed the Ordinance Committee at one of their meetings and informed them that the school had a Memorandum of Understanding with Vista Sand.

Council member David Graese, who kept his seat by two votes at the recall election indicated, “Mrs. Heimer should get her facts straight before she posts on a social media.”

We asked Mrs. Heimer for comments about what was posted and below is her response:

You asked me to respond to a few things.  That I made a comment on FB that I wished everyone who supported the incumbents go to H@#%.   First off, I emphatically deny this allegation. I did not make that statement nor did I ever reference the incumbent candidates nor their supporters. It should come as no big surprise to anyone that I am passionate about protecting our community, our school, and especially our kids…and like anyone, I can be frustrated when the facts don’t carry the day.

If during the heat of the recall, any of the words I chose may have offended someone, I apologize. All of my efforts and intentions have been aimed at the protection of the health ad wellness of the GC kids and community members. That is what people expect of me and any elected community leaders.

I respect the voters decision this week and hope the city counsel will too. It was by no way a landslide but a true estimate that our community is truly divided on the merits of the mine and I hope the counsel will move forward with a focus on the children affected by their decisions and give thoughtful consideration to the concerns of the many community members who strongly oppose putting a mine right next to our school.

You also asked me to clarify “allegations I have made.” I did not make those allegations. I did reference concerns that have been voiced in open meetings, letters to the editor, other news editorials, and the opinion of various community members. Most of these have already been specifically addressed, in open meetings of the city counsel. I recall being at a meeting where the Mayor claimed that no business was being conducted “under the table.” Do I know that to be true? No I don’t. Nor do I know it to be false. I will say that I do know for a fact that not following an agenda in a closed session meeting is illegal. Also having a quorum, where multiple counsel members meet outside of a posted meeting to discuss issues, is also illegal. Those are just the rules. Did those things happen? Some say yes…some say no. None of which is “new”  news. As far as my comment made about Vista not working with the school….As of November 11, 2013, to my knowledge, the school is still waiting for Vista Sands to respond to the MOU developed in July 2013. So I guess that is a matter of interpretation if you believe they are “working with the school.”

Thank  you for giving me the opportunity to respond.