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Bulldogs keep Raiders winless after 54-37 victory

By Kelsie Hoitomt

BOYCEVILLE — The Boyceville boys’ basketball team earned their second conference win of the season after beating the Elmwood Raiders 54-37 on their home court last Tuesday, December 17.

The Bulldogs were ahead by nearly double the points of the Raiders in the first quarter. Jordan Kuhn drained the team’s first three-point shot and baskets by Hunter Anderson, Justin Schulz and Jake McIntyre put the score at 11-6.

The scoring momentum continued into the second quarter for the Bulldogs. They were on fire at the net with 18 points posted including a triple from Brady Schutts and McIntyre; Jake scored nine of the 18 points himself.

The Dogs aggressive second quarter resulted in a 29-13 score over the Raiders going into halftime.

The Raiders played their best offensive game coming out of the locker room in the third quarter. They posted 13 points, which was one point more than the Bulldogs. Despite their scoring, the Bulldogs were still ahead 41-26.

The Bulldogs mixed up their shooting in the fourth quarter with 13 points scored on baskets from six different players, including the team’s fourth and final three-point shot from Kuhn.

“We did a nice job of mixing our perimeter play with post play and moved the ball better than we have been in prior games,” said coach Jay Lagerstrom.

The Raiders scored 11 points against the Bulldogs to end the game at 54-37.

The points leader of the game was McIntyre with 16 points from five doubles, one triple and three free-throws. He also played a solid game on the boards with seven rebounds.

Getting a “double/double” on offense and defense was Schulz with ten points scored as well as ten rebounds.

Following those two was Kuhn with eight points from two triples and one double. Schutts had seven points from one triple and two doubles. Anderson had six points from three doubles. Tyler Draeger finished with five points from three free-throws and one double. And lastly was Brett Boda with two points from one shot.

Defensively, the Bulldogs played a very sound game with few fouls called on them. However, their shooting from the line with fouls called against the Raiders was poor. They shot about 40 percent with six out of 14 attempts made.

“It was a nice win for the team and we showed some improvement, but we continue to shoot poorly as a team from the line and we need to get better,” said coach Lagerstrom.