Bulldog boys 1-1 after week of play

By Kelsie Hoitomt

The Boyceville boys’ basketball team had two games this past week, one at home against Colfax last Friday night and another on Monday against Cornell. The Bulldogs lost to the Vikings on a 62-44 final and won against Cornell 38-36.

The Vikings finished second in the Dunn-St. Croix Conference last season and they proved they are a contender again with their win over the Bulldogs.

 The Vikings jumped to a five point lead early in the first quarter until Justin Schulz scored a jump shot to put the Bulldogs on the board.

There were few fouls in the first half, which made for a fast paced game with the Vikings dominating the entire 16 minutes.

The Bulldogs’ defense was slow to start and their passes on offense were blocked by the Vikings’ big players, which resulted in the 35-16 halftime score.

“They are a very solid team and gave us matchup problems with their size. I think their shortest starter was taller than our biggest guy,” said coach Jay Lagerstrom.

The Vikings posted 22 points in the first quarter alone and an additional 13 in the second. The Bulldogs put down 12 points in the first from Brady Schutts, Brett Boda and Schulz and just two baskets in the fourth.

The Bulldogs played in stride with the Vikings in the second half as they posted nine points in the third compared to the Vikings’ eight and then both teams scored 19 in the fourth.

However, the damage done in the first half was enough to give the Vikings an edge for the win.

“We played better in the second half, but started poorly and dug ourselves a deep hole. We didn’t do a good job of defending their best scorer and offensively we were not very patient and put up too many poor shots,” explained coach Lagerstrom of the game.

The Bulldogs’ explosive fourth quarter happened with two triples and a foul shot by Schulz and additional baskets from Jordan Kuhn, Jake McIntyre, Tyler Draeger, Hunter Anderson and Schutts.

Schulz ended the night with the team high in points with 15 from four doubles, two triples and a foul shot. Following was McIntyre with eight, Boda and Schutts each had six, Kuhn had four, Draeger had three and Anderson had two.

The Bulldogs had a total of 13 attempts at the foul line compared to the Vikings’ 21.

Road to Cornell

It was a tight race between Boyceville and Cornell on Monday that came right down to the wire. The game ended in a win due to a smart defense in the fourth and successful foul shots.

The Bulldogs had a one point lead of 7-6 in the first quarter after two baskets by Draeger, a shot from Schulz and a foul from Schutts.

The offense went lax in the second quarter however, which allowed for Cornell to take their first big lead of the game of 18-12.

The Bulldogs stepped up their game in the second half and posted ten points in the third quarter and allowed Cornell just four, which tied the ball game at 22-22 going into the fourth quarter.

“We were able to spread out their defense with the lead at the end and got a couple drive baskets from Schutts,” explained coach Lagerstrom. “Kuhn went 4-4 from the line to hold on for the win.”

Kuhn led the team in points with ten from those four foul shots and three doubles as well. Following was Schutts with nine points, Draeger with seven, Schulz and Sam Hellmann each had four, Hunter Anderson hit a triple, and McIntyre had one foul shot.

Aside from scoring, Anderson had a great game under the net on defense as he grabbed eight rebounds for the team. Hellmann, also a fellow sophomore on the team, was able to collect six rebounds as well.

The Bulldog boys’ next game will be at Spring Valley on Thursday, December 12 at 7:30 p.m.