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Lady Bulldogs dominate court against Elmwood

By Kelsie Hoitomt

BOYCEVILLE – It was a total blow out during the conference game in Boyceville that featured the Lady Bulldogs and the Elmwood Raiders. The Bulldogs finished the basketball game with a 63-22 final last Thursday, December 5.

 The Bulldogs allowed the Raiders to score just two baskets in the first two quarters of the game to give them four points at half time.

On the other side of the ball, the Lady Dogs posted 18 points in the first quarter including two three-point shots, one from Lexi Peterson and the other by Abbey Bird.

The Bulldogs were just as sharp in the second quarter with 16 points scored, seven of which were from senior April Lake who drained three foul shots and two baskets under the net.

With the score at 34-4 going into the third quarter, the Bulldogs stayed consistent on their shots, but the defense eased up, which let the Raiders finally penetrate the zone and score 10 points.

The score was 48-14 with five seconds left on the clock in the third quarter until Bird pushed her way to the hoop and shot as the buzzer rang to put the score at 50-14 going into the final eight minutes.

The final quarter was a fast eight minutes with only one fouled called, which resulted in two points for the Raiders. The team posted an additional six points with the help of two triples from Jennifer Weix.

The Bulldogs finished with 13 points including another triple by freshman baller, Morgan Kuhn. Lake, Cassie Malean, Shyanne Marlett and Kennedy Hellmann each drained a basket to put the ending score at 63-22.

“Lake was able to have a big night inside and Peterson was really good on both ends of the floor,” said coach Jolene Bird. “Defensively I thought we played really well the first half, but got sloppy with defense the second half. Overall it was a good night for our kids.”

Lake was indeed a big presence under the net for the Lady Dogs as she put up seven two-point shots and collected a handful of fouls, which she was successful with five of the nine attempts. She finished the night with the game high in points with 19.

Also with a successful night from inside was Marlett who six baskets from under and around the net for 12 points. Following that was Bird with 11 points from four doubles and one triple.

Kuhn had ten points from two doubles and two triples. Peterson finished with five points from one double and one triple. Malean had two doubles for four points and Hellmann had a basket in the fourth for two points.

On the schedule, the Lady Dogs played Tuesday (Dec. 10) against St. Croix Central and they will be in Glenwood City to face off against the Hilltoppers this Friday, December 13 starting at 7:30 p.m.