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Season opener ends in a win for the Lady Bulldogs

By Kelsie Hoitomt

BOYCEVILLE – The Lady Bulldogs dominated on the court for their first conference game of the season with a 59-28 victory over the Spring Valley Cardinals while at home last Tuesday, November 26.

 Lexi Peterson put the team on the scoreboard first with a short basket from under the net. The Bulldogs jumped out to a lead of 7-4 after April Lake drained the first three-point shot; she sank two more baskets after that.

Also scoring in the first quarter was Abbey Bird and Morgan Kuhn, which helped in putting the score at 13-6 after the first eight minutes.

The Bulldogs posted an additional 16 points in the second quarter including a triple from Peterson and Bird. The defense was more relaxed however, which allowed the Cardinals to score 12 points to put the half time score at 28-18.

Both teams hit the court with great momentum, which contributed to a fast paced game with a great deal of steals and fouls as well from the first game jitters.

That momentum really kicked in in the third quarter as the Bulldogs put down 19 points and allowed the Cardinals to score just three points on a double and one foul shot.

Lake was on fire under the net in the third with four baskets followed by Bird with three, which accounted for 14 of the team’s 19 points.

The score was now 47-21 going into the fourth quarter. The Bulldogs were able to score 11 points in the fourth, but it was a defensive battle with more steals mid-court and fouls between both teams equally.

To end the game, Bird and Cassie Malean each put down a shot from behind the arch for six points, Abbie Hayes and Kennedy Hellmann scored a double and Lake drained a foul shot.

Bird and Lake had the game high for points for the Lady Dogs. Bird posted 18 with five doubles, two triples and two foul shots. Lake had six doubles, one triple and two foul shots as well.

Kuhn followed with eight points, Peterson had five, Shyanne Marlett had four, Malean had three and Hayes and Hellmann each had two.

There were 35 fouls called in the game with 24 on the Cardinals and 11 on the Bulldogs. Spring Valley was successful with 11 of their attempts and the Bulldogs averaged roughly half with five of their 11 making it through the net.

The Bulldogs participated in a non-conference game Monday night where they played the defending Cloverbelt-West Conference champions, Eau Claire Regis and lost 49-27.

Game statistics will be available at a later date.

Next on the schedule is a home game against Elmwood this Thursday, December 5 in the high school gymnasium starting at 7:30 p.m.