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Glenwood City/Boyceville School Lunches – 11-27-2013

Glenwood City/Boyceville School Lunches – 11-27-2013

DEC. 2- 6

Mon., Dec. 2: Chicken nuggets, orange glazed sweet potatoes, broccoli/cauliflower florets, pear slices, red apple.

Tues., Dec. 3: Salisbury steak/gravy, mashed potatoes, steamed carrot coins, dinner roll, applesauce, orange wedges.

Wed., Dec. 4: BBQ pork riblet/bun, baked beans, baby carrots/lite dip, mixed fruit sauce, cantaloupe slice.

Thurs., Dec. 5: Ham slice with pineapple, brown rice, romaine spinach salad, WG teddy grahams, peach slices, granny smith apple.

Fri., Dec. 6: Baked fish nuggets, cheesy potatoes, baby carrots/lite dip, mandarin oranges, petite banana.

DEC. 2- 6

Mon., Dec. 2: Italian dunkers with meat sauce, fresh green peas, baby carrots/lite dip, pineapple tiblets, red grapes.

Tues., Dec. 3: Hard shelled tacos, romaine and diced tomatoes, spicy brown rice, refried beans, red pepper stripes/lite  dip, mixed fruit sauce, orange wedges.

Wed., Dec. 4: Macaroni and cheese, spinach romaine salad, baby carrots/lite dip, cucumber slices, peach slices, orange wedges.

Thurs., Dec. 5: Baked corn dog, seasoned potato wedges, roasted butternut squash, broccoli florets/lite dip, pear slices, fresh red apple.

Fri., Dec. 6: Chicken fajita wrap, onions and green pepper, hash brown patty, steamed green beans, baby carrots/lite dip, rosy applesauce, petite banana.

Menus are subject to change. Milk choice daily.