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Rockpile – 11-20-2013

On the Hometown league, we had the two high games of the year. On Monday night, Matt McGee took over the current high of 258 rolled by Bryan Cress with a nice 277 game. One night later, lefty Dave Brandt struck 11 out of 12 frames and beat McGee by a mere two pins with a 279 game. Great bowling fellas!!

On the Saturday Nite Mixed league, Dennis Berends started out with seven in a row, spared in the 8th, struck in the 9th and unfortunately blew the 10th frame but still put up a very nice 238 game. Great work Dennis!!

As we all know the 7 pin and 10 pin can be the downfall of many blown games, but how about the dreaded “5” pin? It can be a nightmare as many people say: “Nobody misses the 5-pin.” Ask Roger Schug!! Schug finally picked up a couple the other night on the Town and Country League and was “so proud”.

“Nice Pickups” Todd Petersen picked up the 6-7-10, Jolene Hurtgen the 4-10, Marie Halbach 6-7, and Ranei Johnson-Scholler 6-7.

Congratulations to our G.C. Hilltoppers as they will again represent Western Wisconsin in the State Football Division 7 Championship. We will have a tailgate party here that morning and start at 9:00. The game is scheduled to be on FSN TV at 10:00 a.m. Go Toppers!!

This is a busy weekend coming up as the Badgers will play our neighbors to the west, the Minnesota Gophers. Green Bay will host Minnesota on Sunday and this weekend is also the start of the annual deer hunting season. Good luck to our football teams and all of the hunters.  Have a safe hunt, and be sure to stop in to sign up on our Buck Board!!

Back When

• 1955 Song of the Day: “Sixteen Tons” – Tennessee Ernie Ford

• 1973 Song of the Day: “Paper Roses” – Marie Osmond.

• 1928 – Walt Disney premiered his first Mickey Mouse cartoon with sound – “Steamboat Willie”

• 1966 – The Roman Catholic bishops did away with the rule against eating meat on Friday. (I know several “Old Timers” who still follow this.)

Birdie with a yellow bill, hopped upon my window sill, cocked a shining eye and says: “What did you do when she kicked your foot…bawl??!!”  Bee Boop!

Ole’s New Neighbor

Ole’s new neighbor lives right across the street from him. She’s single, great looking, and he can see her place from his deck. One night she went over to Ole’s house and knocked on the door. Ole rushed to open the door.

“Good evening, I just got home from work and am really, really lonely. I have a strong urge to have a good time, get drunk, and make love all night long!! Are you busy?”

“Nope, I’m free.  No plans at all.”

She said, “Great! Could you please watch my dog?”

Being a senior citizen really sucks.

More people who remember where they were on November 22, 1963, when JFK was assassinated.

• Jim Engum, Knapp (age 18): “I was working in St. Paul and heard it over the radio.”

• Dick Dale: “I was at basic training in San Antonio, TX. We were on a marching maneuver when the sergeant told us all to go back to our quarters, where we were told.”

• Jean Booth (age 18): “I was at my parents’ home (Art & Ruth Logghe). It came over the radio. Seems just like yesterday!!”

• Elmer Schell (age 35): “I was living in Denver, CO working on construction. We were putting up forms for a new Holiday Inn right across from Bronco Stadium (old Mile High). We were at a restaurant eating lunch and saw it on TV.”

• Harry Standaert (age 19): “I was in my college dorm in River Falls. Someone who was in the student lounge came to my room to tell me.”

• Dan Cassellius (age 19): “I was in Korea (Army). It was 3:00 a.m. over there. They woke us up to tell us the news.”

This Week’s Religious Rockpile Reader
Dick Dale of New Brighton, Minn.

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