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School security a discussion at GCHS

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY — The Glenwood City Board of Education touched briefly on the subject of security in and around the school district after a two-day survey was completed earlier last week.

The survey was given to each person that walked through the doors at the high school and elementary entrance during the school day.

The questions that received the most response were “is security a priority”-yes and “do you prefer the offices be near the entrances”-yes.

The administration is currently looking at bids from different security companies to see what the cost of items like cameras, safe doors and staff badges would be.

Other News

In other news, Superintendent Tim Emholtz shared in his report that the equalized value has increased by 1.1 percent from 216 million last year to now 218 million, which is “good news as it shows a healthy economy, but doesn’t really make much of a difference as taxes are taxes.”

Emholtz also shared the latest update on the auction happening at the school through Smith Sales. Currently the school has raised $18,928.23, but that doesn’t include the auctioneer fees. Three anonymous donors have agreed to match those funds as well, which would make a grand total of roughly $70,000.

Also, the Board discussed the recent donation of trees from Amy and Dan Dopkins. Their Bobolink Nursery donated 25 total trees over a five-year plan. These trees are to go around the school and help with shading. Weather permitting, the transplanting of the first five trees will take place this week.

Other items of mention were the Veteran’s Day event happening in the school on the morning of November 11, 2013. Also the annual Grandparent’s Day will be on Friday, November 22.

Items of Approval

At Monday night’s meeting, the Board approved the carpet replacement in the high school entry vestibule to be completed by Carpet Center of New Richmond for the cost of $1,745.95.

The Board also approved the installation of a countertop and cabinetry in the FACS storage room with a bid of $1,094.84 from Countryview Woodworking.

In the Superintendent’s report, the Board approved the authorization of the Superintendent or Board President to execute the Imprelis/Dupont settlement agreement.

Lastly, the Board approved the updated tax levy in the amount of $2,153,662 to support the proposed 2013-14 budget including general operations and debt service.

The slight change in the tax levy is a result of more students coming into the school and the latest bill passed by Governor Walker of the $100 million property tax cut.