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The Rockpile – 10-30-2013

Both the Hometown and Town and Country leagues finished up 1st quarter action last week.

 The Hometown winners were my Leaker’s I team. They won by a comfortable 15 points. Leaker’s Team is made up of Bill and Jon Standaert, Charlie Frieburg, Bryan Cress and Mark Wink.

On the Town and Country circuit, Leaf Construction won the honors. Their team consists of Roger, Bob and Tom Schug. Congratulations, fellas!!!

Jon Standaert took over high game of the year this past Saturday night on the Saturday Nite Live league. Standaert bowled a dandy 269 game with a 632 series.

For two weeks in a row, Jason Maes found the pocket as Jason put together a 679 series along with a very nice 254 game.

Back When

• 1968 Song of the Day: “Then You Can’t Tell Me Goodbye” – Eddy Arnold.

• 1904 – Fingerprinting was first used by the St. Louis Police Department.

• 1919 – The United States Congress passed the Prohibition Act, which prohibited the sale of a drink containing more than one half percent alcohol.

• 1929 – Mrs. T.W. Evans gave birth to a baby in an airplane, the first baby born in an airplane.

• 1965 – The Gateway Arch, 630 feet high, was completed in St. Louis, MO.

Did You Know? Rich Russians hire fake ambulances to beat the city traffic. These ambulances don’t have medical equipment. They have sofas and a big screen T.V.!!

Good Luck to the Hilltoppers Football Team as they continue to play for a chance to go to state again this year!!

Birdie with a yellow bill, hopped upon my window sill, cocked a shining eye and says: “What did you get for your birthday Bobby….socks?!?!?”  Bee Boop!

Joke of the Week – The Conceited Guy

Thanks to Marlene Kerr for the following story!

There was a very conceited guy that thought he was the most handsome guy ever, so his goal was to find a gorgeous wife so he could have the most beautiful baby in town. Someone told him there was a farmer south of town with three beautiful daughters.

He decided to visit him and the farmer said he could date one already that night. When they came home from the date the farmer said, “Isn’t she perfect?” The guy said “Yes, but she’s a little bit cross-eyed (but not that you’d notice!)”

He said he couldn’t take that chance so the next night he took out the next daughter. When they came home the farmer said: “Bet she’s the one for you?” “Well,” said the guy, “she’s just a little bit bow-legged (but not that you’d notice!)”

So the farmer said he could take out the last daughter. When they came home the guy said she was perfect. They got married and when their baby came along he ran to the nursery to see his bundle of joy.

When he saw the baby, it was the ugliest baby he had ever seen. He was distraught and went into the waiting room where the farmer was sitting and said, “How can us being so beautiful have such an ugly baby?”  “Well,” the farmer said, “The night you took her out, she was just a ‘little bit pregnant’ (but not that you’d notice!)”

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