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City library has been bat-proofed

Apparently bats have been a problem at the Glenwood City Public Library on Pine Street. This item was brought to the attention of the City Council at their October 14th meeting.

Council Member Nancy Hover, who is also a member of the Library Board, presented a written report of the Library to the council. In that report it was noted that “American Pest Solutions had been contracted to handle the library’s bat problems and they completed their work the week of September 23rd. The cost to the library was $900.00 with a three year guarantee.” The report concluded, “we are hoping this will eliminate the library’s issues with bats and all of the debris they leave behind.”

Hover also reported that the library is joining’s Associate Program and as members of this program, the library has added an Amazon widget to its website. “Patrons can begin their shopping on Amazon using our link and the library will received four percent of the total sale, and once seven different customers use the link the amount jumps to seven percent. Any income received from this program will be deposited into the library’s memorial account.”

Hover also asked the council to approve the appointment of Lisa Oberhelmen  to the Library Board in place of Paula Brandt, who has resigned. The council approved the appointment.