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GC Fire Dept. embarks on a new fire safety initiative for kids in Glenwood

The Glenwood City Fire Department is offering Second and Third Grade students the opportunity to participate in an educational fire safety initiative designed to prevent fire-related injuries and fatalities.

 Glenwood City Fire Chief Greg Holden will be presenting each student with a copy of the 112 page handbook Fire Safety: Smart choices for LIFE.  This valuable resource is widely used to educate children and families in all aspects of fire safety and is produced by Community Safety Net whose mission is “Protecting kids for LIFE”.

The handbook features information on how to avoid fire, plan an escape route from your home and what to do if fire breaks out. It offers health and first aid information, along with important safety tips for parents, teachers and babysitters. Included with the handbook is an award-winning, educational DVD that features a teenage host and an interactive quiz. It connects to the Community Safety Net web site where kids can enter online contests and win great prizes!

The kids received this resource through the generous support of local businesses and organizations.

House fires are the third leading cause of death among children – mostly as a result of smoke inhalation.  Sadly, kids start 30% of these fires.  Such sobering statistics illustrate the need for fire safety education among young people.

Community Safety Net is a family-run, values-oriented organization that produces a series of educational safety resources created especially for kids.  To date, more than three million children in communities across North America have benefited from CSN materials.

For more information contact Greg Holden, Glenwood City Fire Department Chief, (715) 265-4227.