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Downing High School reunion held Oct. 2

DOWNING HIGH SCHOOL REUNION was held at the Downing Café the morning of October 2nd.


 The last class to graduate from Downing High School was in 1944 and Downing High School alumni attending were Robert Bartz, class of 1942; Dean Wanbaugh, class of 1942; Violet Swenby, 1942; Bud Bischel, attended Downing, but graduated from Glenwood City in 1945; Melvin Stang, 1944; Peter King 1944; Jennie Walton, 1944; Shirley Miller, 1944; Don Beyrer, 1940; Kenneth Mattison, 1942; Bob Larson, 1941; Phil Herdahl, 1939; Eugene Smith, 1937; Gilbert Mounce, 1944; Ardys Mounce, 1945; Simon Olson, 1941; Mary Smith, 1941. Other school members that were not present but were recognized were: Clinton Meacham, Bud Larson, Evelyn Peterson, Evelyn Hofland and Jane Smith. Other visitors include: Jeanette Bischel, Betty Jean Smith, Jerry Smith, Shirley Anderson, Joyce King, Sue Cave, Christella Beyrer, Joanne Larson, Delaney Mattison, Doris Herdahl, Betty Olson.