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The Rockpile – 9-25-2013

After a couple of weeks bowling, here are some high averages from each league.

On the Hometown league, Tony Cuturia is out in front with a 216 average while Dave Brandt is not far behind Cuturia with a 214 average.  On the Town and Country League, Jason Maes and John Hager are the leaders with averages of 191 and 181, respectively. Cindy Rassbach totes a 178 and Mary Anderson has a 176 average on the Wednesday Nite Ladies league. On the Senior Circuit, Joe Walz is top gun with a 187 average and Elmer Schell is next in line with a 178. Thursday Nite Ladies leaders are Tracy Lawson, 166 and Jolene Hurtgen 162. I will update the top averages next week for the Mixed Double Leagues.

Just a reminder to our Wednesday Afternoon League – Fun Day is this Wednesday, Sept. 25 at noon

Back Then – Trivia

Anyone remember Mary Kay Place or “Mary Hartman Mary Hartman” ???  (This was the mid 70’s!!)

• 1984: Song of the Day: “Let’s Chase Each Other Around the Room” – Merle Haggard

• 1875: Billy the Kid was arrested for the first time for stealing laundry.

• 1930: The first “flashbulbs” were patented

Fall Season Premiers:

• 1962 – “The Jetsons”

• 1969 – “Marcus Welby M.D.”

Birthday – Mickey Rooney (Sept. 23, 2013)

Birdie with a yellow bill, hopped upon my window sill, cocked a shining eye and says: “What did they feed you Red…..raspberries??”  Bee Boop!!

Joke of the Week

A Wisconsin dairy farmer retired and moved to Florida and took up playing golf. The club paired him up with an experienced golfer from New York City.

On the first tee the farmer stood over his tee shot for what seemed like an eternity. He waggled, looked up, looked down, waggled again, but didn’t start his swing.

Finally his exasperated partner asked, “What the heck is taking you so long?”

“My wife is watching me from the clubhouse balcony,” he exclaimed, “and I want to make a perfect shot.”

His partner drew a long breath and said, “That’s 200 yards behind you. You don’t have a chance of hitting her from here.”

This Week’s Religious Rockpile Readers
The crew from “Brothers Country Mart” in Downing, Wis.

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