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August Police Report for Glenwood City

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY – Listed below are the number of traffic and ordinance violations that were charged in the month of August.

 4- Operate Motor Vehicle w/o Insurance

3- Operating while suspended

3- Mandatory seatbelts required for driver

3- Passenger ride in vehicle w/o wearing seat belt

2- Operating w/o a valid driver’s license (1st violation)

2- Failure to stop/improper stop at stop sign

2- Exceeding zones and posted limits: 11-15 mph above limit

2- Outside consumption of alcohol

2- Underage alcohol (age 17-21)

1- Unnecessary noise/display of power

1- Harboring vicious dog/cat

1- Vehicle operated after registration revoked, suspended or cancelled

1- Non-registration

1- Display unauthorized registration plates/tags/decals, etc

1- Operate w/o carrying license

1- Operate vehicle w/o proof of insurance

1- Exceeding zones and posted limits:1-10 mph above limit

1- Exceeding zones and posted limits:16-19 mph above limit

1- Endangering safety of person or property by reckless driving (1st violation)

1- Open intoxicants or nitrous oxide in motor vehicle

1- Open intoxicants or nitrous oxide in motor vehicle (driver)