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Boyceville hosts 8th annual youth basketball camp

BOYCEVILLE – Boyceville’s youth basketball camp wrapped up it 8th annual run during the third week of July teaching area youngsters the fundamentals of the game.

The camp, run by Boyceville head boys’ basketball coach Jay Lagerstrom, members of his coaching staff and some varsity players, work with the young players on developing the sound fundamentals each will need to play basketball such as dribbling, shooting, and passing through the use of age-appropriate drills.

“We go three evenings and conclude with competitions each year in each of the age group,” said Lagerstrom.

Participants in each age group have a chance to compete on the final night in Speed Dribbling through a course and a Hot Shot competition where players are given a set amount of time to make as many shots as possible from predetermined locations.

This year’s Hot Shot winners are: Caden Wold, second grade; Mason Bowell, third grade; Dawson McRoberts, fourth grade; Connor Sempf, fifth grade; and Brendan Sempf, sixth grade. Taking the titles in the Speed Dribbling competition were: Devin Halama, second grade; Simon Evenson, third grade; John Klefstad, fourth grade; Connor Sempf, fifth grade; and Brendan Sempf, sixth grade. Each winner was awarded a trophy.

“Each year kids return and are excited about their chances to earn a trophy,” Coach Lagerstrom said. “And to improve their skills.”

“We try to keep it moving quickly from drill to drill especially for the younger kids and we tend to get a lot of the same kids back each year,” concluded Lagerstrom.