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Konder attends FFA Washington Leadership Conference

by Kaitlin Konder

I attended the FFA Washington Leadership Conference, WLC, in Washington, D.C. The state of Wisconsin took a coach bus that held about 50 people to Washington, D.C.

At this conference there were about 325 FFA members from all around our nation and they were all there for the same reasons, to grow within themselves and to learn about the FFA organization. I absolutely loved going to this conference because I met people that are thousands of miles away from me and I made friends that I will never forget. During the week we traveled to the capitol, which is behind me in the picture, the Lincoln Memorial, and the Washington Monument. We stayed at a hotel where there was a big conference room where multiple sessions were held and we learned how to serve our community and our FFA. My trip was made possible due to the generosity of the Glenwood City FFA Alumni and the Glenwood City FFA Chapter – without them I would not have had this opportunity. I hope other FFA members from our chapter can experience this in the future.