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GCHS welcomes back Dana Maney

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY — The Glenwood City Board of Education welcomed Dana Maney back to to the school district as the Director of Special Education and Pupil Services.

Maney took the position after Tonia Kowieski resigned from that as well as the school psychologist. Maney started her education career in Glenwood City 15 years ago. She was recently working at CESA 11 as the Director of Education.


Maney shared in her report that due to the fact that she does not have the ability to act as school psychologist when it comes to IQ testing, she recommended the school district hire a person on a need-basis to administer those tests. The Board approved this motion of hiring a qualified person on a need-basis of up to 12 days at $350 per day.

High school science teacher, Kris Ohman, applied for a grant from the Ann Marie Foundation and received $2,144, which will go towards the purchase of five iPads and five cases for the science department.

Gears switched to the Buildings, Grounds and Transportation committee where a discussion took place on whether or not to change the asphalt walking path from five feet wide to ten feet wide. The Board agreed and approved the decision that making it wider would be beneficial to the flow of traffic to and from sporting events, but it is not to exceed an additional $2,900 for the change.

The Board also agreed to allow Superintendent Tim Emholtz to spend up to $6,000 for the repair of the existing water line that had burst from traffic flow and pressure during the on-going construction.

There was a lengthy discussion regarding the handbooks and changes that needed to be made in terms of wording and sentence structure. The Board eventually decided to approve some minor changes, but also allow Judy Achterhof to meet with the principals to establish any editing necessary.

This was approved for the elementary Student Handbook as well as the middle school/high school Student/Parent Handbook, Athlete/Parent Handbook and Student/Parent Co-Curricular Handbook.

Other business

In his report, Emholtz also shared that in terms of health insurance, the number is looking to be at a 24 percent increase, but he has the bid out and is looking at other alternatives to try and lower that figure.

Emholtz shared some disheartening news to the Board concerning the capital projects in that the transformer for the outside projects was recently stolen. The school immediately notified the police department as well as local scrap yards in hopes of finding the suspect(s).

In positive terms of the capital projects, the asphalt for the track was put down last Friday and the rest of asphalting work for the road is to be done in the beginning of August.

Also outside, the lights were being installed Monday, volunteers working on the pavilion were back on Tuesday, the storage area in the bus barn is being worked on, the concession stand will start next week and Century Fence will be putting in the fence around the track within the next week.

Things are also looking good when it comes to fundraising as the school district already has a few items to be placed on the auction at the end of August. A few people have already purchased pavers as well as advertisement spots on programs and the scoreboards.