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Boondocks tavern gets an upgrade

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY – Aaron and Lisa’s Boondocks recently got a face lift for the first time in 79 years after the owners re-sided the building.

After looking back in time through newspapers, it was found that the building itself was erected in the spring of 1934 by H. A. Praschak.

He constructed the 24×90 foot building for use of his own cement block factory. However, it was larger than needed so he devoted the front 50 feet to rental space.

This rental space became a tavern for the first time in 1935 after the City Council approved the application of the “license to sell intoxicating liquors” to John Myrtle on June 17. Taverns began to populate the city since the prohibition ended in 1933.

It was three years later in 1938 that the entire building was purchased and made into a full tavern by Martin J. Garske.

The building has since seen a handful of owners including the DeWitts, Ed Schillinger, Reinhardt and Alice Rabine, the Tuttles, Mrdutts, Booths and Al Willert.

Aaron and Lisa Moede have owned the bar for three years now and decided it was time to upgrade the old building considering it is starting to crumble and leak.