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GCHS gets $7,000 in new money

By Kelsie Hoitomt

GLENWOOD CITY — After planning on receiving zero dollars in new money for the upcoming school year, the Glenwood City School District was recently given news that they will get $7,000.

Superintendent Tim Emholtz shared this news to the school board during his update on the 2013-14 state budget, which was recently approved the end of June.

The $7,000 comes as a nice surprise, but isn’t enough to aid in balancing the upcoming budget. Also in terms of the state, the school was no longer able to receive the “declining enrollment exemption”. However there looks to be about a half percent of general aid coming.

In terms of the school’s 2013-14 budget, Emholtz said they are waiting on one extra piece of information regarding health insurance before a decision can be made on how much money the school needs.

The current 2012-13 budget is looking positive as well with little to no carry over in the fund balance. Emholtz said the district is still at a point where it is not anticipating having to borrow money and his recommendation to the board was to spend as close to zero as possible with no fund balance carry over or decline.

In other news, Elementary Principal Betsy Haltinner shared in her report that there are three new staff members joining the elementary.

Also beginning in the elementary will be the process of “looping”. There are a few teachers who have already jumped on board with this concept, which means for example they will teach one year in first grade and then the following year go to second grade, etc. This process helps to ensure students are progressing along with their education because teachers are able to consistently monitor them.

As for the capital projects, phase one is nearing completion. Last week volunteers helped lay nearly 170 rolls of sod on the football field, which is now being watered and looking nice and green. The track area is being smoothed out so asphalt can be poured within a week’s time as well.

Inside, the cabinets have arrived and will be put into the science labs starting next week. Also doors have been constructed near the district office and by the elementary gym, which will partition off both gymnasiums from the rest of the school. This is a better means of ensuring safety and keeping others from entering further into the school than the gates that were used previously.

Approved by the Board Monday evening was the canceling of the bid by Bill King for the bus garage roof and the accepting of the bid by Harry Joles.

The Buildings, Grounds and Transportation Committee also agreed to cancel the asbestos abatement in the wrestling room until it warrants a greater need for removal.

Lastly approved by the Board was the spending of up to $25,000 for ELA instructional resources from the curriculum, library and Title funds.