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GCPD lists June violations and charges

Listed below are the criminal charges filed for the month of June by the Glenwood City Police Department. These individuals are considered innocent until proven guilty in court.

• On June 6, Tammy J. Osborne, 37, was picked up because of a warrant for her arrest in Polk County from the Osceola Police Department.

• On June 15, Cheryl R. Ramquist, 50, was picked up after a domestic abuse incident, which led to an enforced pick up because of a warrant issued through Dunn County and probation hold. Also issued was a citation for operating while suspended.

In the same incident, Mark I. Ramquist, 46, was charged with a disorderly conduct, strangulation and suffocation, threats to injure or accuse of crime, bail jumping and was picked up on a probation hold.

• On June 21, Michael J. Sather, 39, was pulled over for a traffic violation, which led to further charges of possession of drug paraphernalia, operating while revoked (due to alc/cont subst/refusal), bail jumping and a probation hold.

• On June 25, after a traffic stop, Dwayne E. Chamberlin, 45, was charged with possession of drug paraphernalia, felony possession of drug paraphernalia (methamphetamine), possession of marijuana, operating motor vehicle without insurance, operating while suspended and altering of registration plates/tags/decals, etc.

Listed below were the number of traffic and ordinance violations that were charged in the month of June.

1- Exceeding zones and posted limits: 20-24 mph above limit

1- Unreasonable and imprudent speed

3- Operating vehicle w/o proof of insurance

6- Operating motor vehicle w/o insurance

3- Failure to stop/improper stop at stop sign

1- Owner’s liability for illegal passing of school bus

1- Operating a motor vehicle while revoked

1- Violations of safety belt requirement by a person in a motor vehicle(2-4 years, but less than 8 years)

1- Inadequate/defective brakes

1- Obstructed driver’s vision/object or load

1- Operating motor vehicle while under influence of intoxicants, controlled substances or any other drugs (2nd or subsequent offenses)

4- Mandatory seat belts required for driver

3- Operating while revoked (rev due to alc/cont subst/refusal)

5- Non-registration

1- Fail/Attach Rear. Decal/Tag

2- Operating while suspended

1- Endangering safety of person or property by reckless driving, 1st violation

2- Passenger ride in vehicle w/o wearing seat belt

1- Alter of registration plates/tags/decals, etc

1- Operating with a PAC of .08 or more (w/passenger under 16 years of age in vehicle)