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Sixth Graders participate in Glenwood City Scavenger Hunt

by Diane Nelson, GC Middle School Teacher

On June 5, the Glenwood City Sixth Graders participated in a GC Scavenger Hunt. The activity was designed to be a culmination of several lessons from the school year.

In particular, sixth grade students worked hard on map skills throughout the year. A map of Glenwood City was provided to each of twelve small groups at the start of the hunt and each group was given their first clue at school. The clue took the students downtown to discover a place and another clue. Altogether, students needed to do the following:

• Find local businesses with their street addresses

• Mark locations on the maps

• Compute an average of bowling games at Leaker’s

• Figure tax on candy purchased at Ormson’s

• Make a thinking “connection” at the History Center

• Discover some things about the GC Public Library

• Identify bones of a skeleton at Family Chirocare

• Find out who the mayor is at City Hall

• Find out who the school board president is at Dr. Rasmussen’s Dental Office

Many thanks go out to the businesses that allowed the students to visit and to the parent chaperones that accompanied the students!