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Lady Bulldogs lose Regionals to Vikings

By Kelsie Hoitomt

BOYCEVILLE — The Bulldog’s softball team hosted the Colfax Vikings for the Level 1 Regional game last Wednesday, May 22 and lost by three points on a 5-2 final. They played a makeup game from earlier in the season against St. Croix Central on Thursday.

 Regional Loss

It was a tough loss for the Bulldogs in the Regional run after taking a 2-1 lead in the fourth inning, but then they ran dry in the batters box in the final two innings of the game.

The Vikings went three innings without generating any runs against the Bulldogs, but they fired up in the sixth to put two runners across the plate and then two more in the seventh for the win.

Both teams were lackluster on hitting with the Bulldogs connecting with the ball five times and the Vikings with just six hits. This was in part to the pitching of Kennedy Hellmann who had seven strikeouts and the Viking’s Alexis Rudi had five.

The Bulldogs took their lead in the fourth on a double from Brandi Curvello and another run by Rachal Anderson on RBIs from Katie Kegen and Alexa Peterson. Hellmann and Kysa Franseen had the other hits for the team.

D-H vs SCC

The Bulldogs finished their 2013 softball season 1-1 against SCC on Thursday with the first game going to the Panthers (3-1) and the second game ending in the Bulldog’s favor (9-5).

Hellmann did well on the mound in the first game despite the Bulldogs loss. She allowed those three runs on just three hits with five strikeouts and four walks.

The Bulldogs were able to connect five hits, but were unable to string any of them together to score the runs needed for the win.

Peterson had the run for the team after the RBI from Hellmann in the third inning. The other hits came from Anderson, Franseen and Kendall Wold.

The second game was much improved for the Lady Dogs with nine runs scored from just four hits with three in the first inning, three in the third, two in the fourth and one in the fifth.

Franseen hit a base double and scored one run for the team. Peterson had the most runs with two and Blaser, Kennedy Hellmann, Curvello, Kegen, Abbie Hayes and Peyton Hellmann each crossed home plate once for the victory.

Franseen and Curvello both assisted in the runs with two RBIs each. Kennedy Hellmann and Anderson had one RBI each as well.

The Lady Bulldogs finished with a .500 average this season after going 8-8 in the Dunn-St. Croix Conference.