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Glenwood City/Boyceville School Lunches – 5-15-2013

Glenwood City/Boyceville School Lunches – 5-15-2013

MAY 20-24

Mon., May 20: Fiesta taco wrap with romaine lettuce/tomato, brown spicy rice, refried beans, baby carrots/lite dip, marinated corn/bean salad, red apple.

Tues., May 21: Baked ziti with cheese WG breadstick, steamed green beans, cauliflower/broccoli florets, cherry tomatoes/lite dip, pineapple tidbits.

Wed., May 22: Baked chicken patty on WG bun, romaine lettuce/tomato, seasoned potato wedges, Asian carrot coleslaw, celery/radishes/lite dip, chilled peaches.

Thurs., May 23: Homemade salisbury steak, mashed potatoes, honey wheat roll, steamed carrot coins, cucumber slices/lite dip, orange sherbet.

Fri., May 24: WG pepperoni pizza, BBQ baked beans, steamed spinach, baby carrots/lite dip, petite banana, green apple.

MAY 20-24

Mon., May 20: Oven baked chicken nuggets, scalloped potatoes, steamed carrot coins, cauliflower florets/lite dip, chilled fruit cocktail, fresh green apple.

Tues., May 21: Baked potato/ham/cheese, served with garlic breadstick, seasoned broccoli, cucumbers slices/radishes, chilled pear slices, fresh orange wedges.

Wed., May 22: Beef stroganoff served over pasta noodles with baked wheat roll, orange sweet potatoes, grape tomatoes/lite dressing, chilled pineapple tiblets, cantaloupe slice.

Thurs., May 23: Chicken strip wrap romaine lettuce/diced tomato, spicy brown rice/refried bean, red pepper stripes, baby carrots/lite dip, chilled peach slices, petite banana.

Fri., May 24: Meatballs in gravy, cheesy potatoes and wheat roll, baked squash, celery sticks/radishes, orange wedges, fresh red apple.

Menus are subject to change. Milk choice daily.