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City library has $85,000 surplus

GLENWOOD CITY — It was learned that the city library has a surplus of some $85,000 and Mayor John Larson questioned council library representative, Nancy Hover about it.

The mayor said that over the years that the library’s budget was spent from year to year without any surplus and now they have a large amount of money carried over from year to year.

Hover explained that the new head librarian is only part time and she has been watching the expenses. Hover also noted that with declining circulation the library’s income will also be falling and that surplus may be used up with normal operating expenses. She also noted that the library board would like to expand the head librarian hours to full time. The local library receives funds from six different sources with the City contributing $42,000; St. Croix County $38,061; Dunn County $12,563; Barron County $48; Pierce County $27 and Polk County $444 for a total in the 2013 budget of $93,143. In 2012 the library received $106,984 from the same sources but none from Pierce County. In 2011 the library received $124,161 for those sources.

Hover also presented a report to the council about water in the basement of the library building that came in after the last snowstorm. Water was in the basement for several days as a professional service was attempting to dry it up. But it was finally discovered that the sump pump was not working. After that was repaired the problem was solved. But, Hover indicated that the cost may be somewhere between two and three thousand dollars. She told the council that she felt that it was the city’s responsibility because they own the building.

The report also indicated that the Library is in partnership with  the Glenwood Area Historical Society to sponsor an antique appraisal program next year.

In other council business, the council heard a report from police chief Robert Darwin about the mock accident event they held at the school and that the department will be holding a bike safety program at the school.

The mayor reported that a meeting is schedule with State Department of Transportation regarding the new St. Croix River Bridge project. The meeting will be held at the Ag Center in Baldwin on May 22.

Kevin Oium of Cedar Corporation reported that they will have bids ready for council approval at the June meeting on the street improvement projects which includes work on Third Street and East Elm Streets.

The mayor also reviewed an agreement that the city made with the state back in 1996 concerning Maple Street. Apparently some of the retaining walls that were installed at that time are crumbling and the mayor was attempting to find out who was responsible for taking care of them. The agreement calls for the city to be the responsible party. But the mayor told the council that he would be meeting with state officials over the matter.

Part of that agreement indicated that the city would prohibit parking on the south side of Maple Street from First Street to Seventh Street and no parking on the north side of Maple Street in the first block that fronts the property of the Glenwood City Machine, Inc.