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Mock crash scene to be held at GCHS

GLENWOOD CITY — The scene is something out of every parents’ and friends’ worst nightmare. Young people are talking at a party after they have been drinking alcohol. Next comes the sound of squealing tires, breaking glass, crushed metal. The intoxicated driver stumbles from the vehicle, distraught at the sight of injured friends, pleading with rescuers who work feverishly over the limp bodies. And then, the unthinkable happens: A body bag is lifted into a hearse.

This simulated scene will play out at Glenwood City High School in the lower parking lot on May 1 at 1:00 p.m. to raise awareness about the dangers of drinking and driving. Each year, local trauma simulations are held at local high schools and are timed close to high-risk periods for drinking and driving, like prom and graduation. As part of the simulation, there will be multiple police, fire, EMS, medical helicopter and funeral home representatives at the school. Please do not be alarmed if you see or hear these emergency vehicles at the school during this time.

Following the simulation, the students will attend an assembly covering various aspects of what happens after a crash. A chaplain will tell the audience how the family of the deceased are notified. A health care provider will talk about emergency treatment patients would need and possible long-term health effects. A police officer will discuss charges for the intoxicated driver. The presentation will end with one of our students sharing his personal experiences involving an accident where he was seriously injured.

We believe this will be a valuable experience for our high school students and appreciate your support. Please contact Mr. Johnson or Mrs. Schneider if you have questions.