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Boyceville Middle School Science Olympiad earns first-ever Regional Championship, High School Team Regional Runner-Ups

MENOMONIE – Boyceville’s Middle School Science Olympiad team won their first-ever Regional Championship this past Saturday at the west regional tournament at Menomonie High School, earning 91 points to win the 19-team tournament. BMS students earned gold medals in a school record 10 events, and eighth grader Max Engel became the first student in school history to earn five regional gold medals.

Gold medals were earned in Anatomy (sixth grader Mark Timper and eighth grader Erica Sempf), Meteorology (Timper and seventh-grader Casey Owen), Road Scholar (Engel, seventh grader Emmett Kapsner), Crime Busters (Engel, E. Kapsner), Sounds of Music (Sempf, eighth grader Tori Kostman), Boomilever (Owen, seventh-grader Rian Corr), Helicopters (Engel, Corr), Mousetrap Vehicle (Engel, Corr), Rotor Egg Drop (Corr, Engel), and Experimental Design (Sempf, Kostman, eighth grader Abby Kegan).  Silver medals were earned in Disease Detectives (Sempf, Kostman) and Mousetrap Vehicle (sixth graders Jaden Reisimer and Kevin Kegan).  Bronze medals were earned in Forestry (seventh graders Luke Knudtson and Mariah Drury), Food Science (Kostman, sixth grader Sarah Kapsner), and Boomilever (eighth grader Kiel Anderson, seventh grader Trystin O’Connell).

Boyceville’s High School Science Olympiad team finished as the regional runner-up in the 24 team West Regional Tournament at Menomonie High School this past Saturday.   Event gold medals were earned in Sustainability (senior Kysa Franseen, senior Isaac Boyd), Remote Sensing (senior Peter Duerst, senior Matthew Wathke), Rocks & Minerals (Franseen, senior Jodie Sauer), Material Science (junior Dylan Windsor, junior Clayton Windsor), Boomilever (Boyd, junior Ian Kane), Elastic Launch Glider (senior Zach Klassen, Kane), Maglev (M. Wathke, Z. Klassen), Robot Arm (Duerst, Kane), and Radio Lab (junior Michaella Kegen, freshman Katie Kegen).  Silver medals were earned in Astronomy (Duerst, M. Wathke), Geocaching (M. Wathke, Sauer), Circuit Lab (Z. Klassen, freshman Luke Timper), Codes & Algorithms (Duerst, Timper), Gravity Vehicle (Kane, Z. Klassen), Thermodynamics (D. Windsor, C. Windsor), Experimental Design (junior Catelynn Clark, junior Danielle Nelson, Timper), Remote Sensing (freshman Ireland McAbee-Thomas, freshman Shannon Best), Elastic Launch Glider (senior Matt Leach, freshman Noah Edlin), Maglev (Leach Edlin), Radio Lab (junior Nick Wathke, junior Tanner Johnson-Hetchler), and Sustainability (sophomore Logan McAbee-Thomas, sophomore Lauren Klassen).  Bronze medals were earned in Anatomy & Physiology (sophomore Hannah Jerrie, Timper), Radio Lab (Duerst, M. Wathke), Technical Problem Solving (Duerst, M. Wathke), Gravity Vehicle (N. Wathke, Johnson-Hetchler), Maglev (N. Wathke, Johnson-Hetchler), Write It, Do It (senior Katelyn Merten, sophomore Brittany Tetzlaff),  and Elastic Launch Glider (freshman Andrew Marshall, freshman Wyatt Swenson).  Fourth place medals were earned in Designer Genes (Franseen, Boyd), Forensics (Jerrie, sophomore Nolan Windsor), Dynamic Planet (Clark, Sauer), Robot Arm (Leach, Edlin), Mystery Engineering (Leach, Edlin), Boomilever (senior Alex Wold, senior Anna Jenkins), Geocaching (Marshall, freshman Maddy Bygd), and Astronomy (freshman Lee Oemig, freshman Carolyn Voelker).

“Our students had an outstanding day, capping off several weeks of preparations” said Boyceville Science Olympiad head coach Andy Hamm.  “We had several high school students really step up to the plate and deliver high finishes in numerous events, and we have never earned this many medals at the regional tournament.  Our level of student enthusiasm was outstanding and I am really proud of all of the hard work and preparation on the part of the students.  We will continue to work hard to prepare for the state tournament and see what happens in Oshkosh and Milwaukee.”

Boyceville would also like to extend a congratulations and thank you to Menomonie High School for hosting the 2013 West Regional Science Olympiad Tournament.

Final Team Results
WI West Regional Tournament
HS Division (Div C)
1 Menomonie Maroon 43
2 Boyceville Varsity-Purple 53
3 Menomonie White 109
4 New Richmond Black 142
5 Spring Valley Fermions 148
6 Spring Valley Bosons 160
7 Shell Lake 166
8 Menomonie Gold 166
9 Elk Mound Black 204
10 Elk Mound Orange 215
11 Boyceville Freshman-Magenta 242
12 Medford 295
13 Clear Lake 319
14 Boyceville JV-Green 322
15 Boyceville JV-Blue 332
16 Eleva-Strum 373
17 Boyceville Sophomore-Orange 383
18 Boyceville JV-Red 396
19 Stanley-Boyd 402
20 Chippewa Falls White 445
21 Butternut 452
22 Menomonie Black 459
23 New Richmond Orange 502
24 Chippewa Falls Red 530

Final Team Results
WI West Regional Tournament
MS Division (Div B)
1 Boyceville Varsity-Purple 91
2 Medford Red 101
3 Stanley-Boyd A 133
4 Menomonie Maroon 137
5 Medford White 168
6 Menomonie White 172
7 Rice Lake A 175
8 Mauston Olson 241
9 New Richmond Orange 244
10 New Richmond Black 264
11 Glenwood City 275
12 Rice Lake B 295
13 Stanley-Boyd B 309
14 Eleva-Strum 376
15 Boyceville JV-Blue 378
16 Mosinee 406
17 Boyceville JV-Red 412
18 Boyceville JV-Green 420
19 Elmwood 421