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Franseen selected for Boyceville Academic Excellence Scholarship

By LeAnn R. Ralph

BOYCEVILLE — Kysa Franseen has been selected as the recipient of the Academic Excellence Scholarship at Boyceville High School along with four alternates.

The Boyceville Board of Education approved Franseen as the recipient of the scholarship at Monday night’s meeting.

Steve Glocke, middle school/high school principal, said he was also recommending that the Board of Education approve four alternates.

In addition to Franseen (with a Grade Point Average of 4.253), the four alternates approved by the school board were Matthew Wathke (GPA 4.158); Jodie Sauer (GPA 4.073); Zach Klassen (GPA 4.036); and Jared Smith (GPA 3.980).

Glocke said he was recommending alternates because the scholarship recipient must go to a university in Wisconsin, but that some of the students who qualified for the scholarship are considering schools out of state.

The rules for the Academic Excellence Scholarship have changed to more easily allow alternates to be listed, Glocke said.

Tim Sempf, Board of Education member, wondered if the school district had ever lost out on the scholarship because no alternates had been selected.

For a while, the rules required that students have the same GPA to be selected as alternates, and Glocke said he thought it was likely the school district had missed out on the scholarship at some point because of not selecting alternates.

The Academic Excellence Scholarship is worth $10,000, or $2,500 per year for four years, Glocke noted.

A GPA of 3.75 is the cut-off for the scholarships, he said.