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Lady Bulldogs trumped at home this past week

By Kelsie Hoitomt

BOYCEVILLE – The Lady Bulldogs hosted a trio of games this past week starting with Tuesday night against Plum City, Friday night against Bloomer and this past Monday against Regis.

Downed by the Devils

Plum City is 3-7 in the Dunn-St.Croix Conference with two of their three wins now being against the Bulldogs after their 46-36 upset on Tuesday.

The mindset just didn’t seem to be present against the Blue Devils as the Bulldogs only scored six points in the first quarter and eight in the second. This didn’t hold up against the Blue Devils as they dominated the court with 18 points scored in the first quarter alone and an additional 11 in the second.

With the Bulldogs down 29-14 going into the third quarter, they were able to pull it together on defense and hold the Blue Devils to just five points while they scored ten.

This however wasn’t enough to close the score gap as the Blue Devils carried a ten point lead throughout the second half.

The Bulldogs were able to get 12 chances at the free throw line with eight of those making it through. April Lake stood on the line the most for the Bulldogs as she was four for six.

Lake also led the team in points with ten from the four free throws and then three deuces. Abbey Bird had nine points from two triples and three free throws. Michaella Kegen had six points, Katelyn Merten had five, Kysa Franseen had four and Shyanne Marlett had two.

Close but not quite

The Lady Dogs put up a good fight against the Bloomer Blackhawks, but they fell short in the 37-32 game at home last Friday.

It was an optimistic start for the Bulldogs with 13 points scored in the first quarter with the help of a three pointer by Merten and Bird.

However the tables turned in the second quarter as the Bulldogs only managed to score one point from a free throw by Bird. The Blackhawks collected 12 points which gave them the lead of 17-14 going into the half.

This three point lead continued with both teams scoring ten points in the third quarter. The Bulldogs attempted to take the lead with another three from Merten, but a couple extra baskets under the net put the Blackhawks ahead for the win.

Bird was the points leader with 12, Lake and Merten each had seven and Blaser had six.

Rattled by the Ramblers 49-29

The Bulldogs lost their third straight home game Monday night against the Regis Ramblers who are currently undefeated in the Cloverbelt-West conference. No statistics were available at the time this issue was published.

The Bulldogs will host the undefeated Colfax Vikings this Thursday night starting at 7:30 p.m.